Stella Glow review – What an annoying game (massive spoilers)

Finally finished the wretched game known as Stella Glow. I almost dropped it several times along the way, but the SRPG gameplay kept drawing me back. That’s the problem I have with Imageepoch games. With one or two exceptions they are all technically sound, so you end up playing more than you should even when […]

Demo report: 7th Dragon III, Yo-kai Watch, Stella Glow, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Checked a few 3DS demos to make sure they could be played with my wonky Y (and L?) buttons and half-broken circle pad. The results are as follows: 7th Dragon III Code: VFD – Works like a charm. I can run with either the circle pad or the direction pad and the Y button doesn’t […]

7th Dragon 2020-II – Almost the same as 2020

That’s why they didn’t bother giving it an exciting new name or anything. I was hoping 7th Dragon 2020-II would at least let me fight dragons in the rest of Japan instead of just Tokyo, but it’s basically 2020 with another rash of dragons to fight. The dungeons have changed a bit and there’s a […]