No-Game November!

I’m taking November off from playing games. It’s already been Day 3 of my self-imposed gaming fast and I feel fine. Actually I haven’t played much of anything since mid-October so it’s not too much of a difference. Not being able to check into Paradise Bay at least once a day itches a bit, though. […]

Messed up my page

I’m so depressed >_< I completely deleted my page through an ill-advised series of plugin updates that I won’t go into now. Anyway, now I’ve lost every single thing I’ve written in the past year, including all the comments and images. Luckily Google cache has most of the pages saved, so I’m going to copy […]

Busy busy!

Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned this blog yet! I’m just busy playing games instead of writing about them, but once I get some downtime (read: once I stop playing Harvest Moon: Twin Villages), I’ll write a few posts on what I’ve been doing since I last wrote. Later!