Finished Shin Atelier Rorona – Glad I played it

By “finished” I mean I successfully completed all of the king’s assignments in Shin Atelier Rorona, not that I’ve done everything the game has to offer. After the credits and the ending rolled I was offered an extra year to do some forging and foraging and stuff. I’ll save it for next time I need […]

Nothing much happening in Fire Emblem Echoes and Shin Atelier Rorona

The downside of playing lots of games at the same time is that you don’t make much progress in any of them. Which is okay because a good game shouldn’t be rushed, but it does mean I don’t blog much because I don’t have anything to write about. I said I would try to finish […]

Halfway through Shin Atelier Rorona – Mostly good, a few nitpicks

Shin Rorona no Atelier (New Atelier Rorona) is a 3DS remake of Atelier Rorona, a 2009 PS3 game. I’ve never played the original. Back when it came out I was still hung up on the character designs of the older Atelier games. Thus I decided I just didn’t like the “piss-and-watercolor” style of the new […]

Got the third best ending in Atelier Viorate

Just a short little post for closure. Especially since I never finished Atelier Judie, it feels pretty good to get at least some closure in the Gramnad series of Atelier games. This so-called “third best ending” I got for Atelier Viorate has Vio and Bart’s parents moving back to Karotte Village after 5 years and […]

Atelier Viorate – Alchemy plus shop simulation, so addictive

Atelier Viorate –Alchemist of Gramnad 2– is just your standard alchemy simulation game like all the other Atelier series games before and after it. I know I played it on the PS2 many, many years ago, but I didn’t remember much about it when I picked it up again on the PSP last week. All […]