Tanbi Musou Meine Liebe – Love your frenemies

Bad game was bad. I didn’t enjoy it at all. I see what Konami tried to do there (create a girl’s version of Tokimeki Memorial, which they eventually managed with the Girl’s Side series), but Meine Liebe just sucks. You play a girl in a high-school in the fictional country of Kuchen around 1937. The […]

Frontier Gate Boost+ – Finally hit my limit

I’ve had enough. I’m done. Level 40, 62 hours. Finally found the legendary Frontier Gate, which is just a fancy name for “last dungeon populated with million-HP enemies.” If I did a few more runs and gathered the necessary ores to upgrade my weapons and armor and did the same for one other party member […]

Frontier Gate Boost+ – Of course I’m still playing

Don’t worry, no whining today. After 55 hours and 221 quests, I’ve already turned in my Right to Complain card. Unfortunately I don’t have anything new to report about Frontier Gate Boost+, just more of the same. Accept quest, do quest, accept quest, do quest, accept quest, do quest. It’s not like the quests are […]