Rune Factory Tides of Destiny (Progress Report 3) – Done and dusted

I finished it. …Okay I guess I’m not really done because I haven’t gotten Sonja back in her body yet, but I’ve killed the last boss and that’s enough for me. Anyway, 66 hours. Level 42. I used the Rune Blade and some three random monsters to distract the boss while I snuck in my […]

Rune Factory Tides of Destiny (Progress Report 1)

It’s a bit late for a progress report, seeing as I am 38 hours into Rune Factory Tides of Destiny, level 24, finished 2 and a half dungeons, well on my way to making Lily/Violet/Maerwen/all three my waifu. Still, better late than never. Here’s what I think about the game so far. Dungeons: PITA. It’s […]

Happy New Year! And resolutions for 2014

It’s a little late, but Happy New Year! Now, straight to business. What am I playing this year? Last year’s resolutions were a bit of a disaster. I packed the list with games I’d “always wanted to try,” little realizing that the real reason I’d never actually tried the games I’d “always wanted to try” […]

EarthBound, Suikoden: Hyakunen and some other stuff

Short updates on four games, since I haven’t done that much gaming this weekend. EarthBound: I’ve kind of lost the plot, so I’m just plodding on from town to town seeing the sights. I just got to Fourside after the lengthy Threed saga. Now I think I have to go back to the desert and […]