BRB restarting FFXIII

It’s been so long since I played Final Fantasy XIII that I’ve forgotten how the battle mechanics work. Especially what Paradigms are used for and double-especially whatever that mechanic I was supposed to use to beat some scorpion-like mecha that wiped me out about 5 times. So I thought I’d start again, skip all the […]

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume – Too whiny and too gloomy

There’s this kid named Wylfred and his dad dies and a Valkryie takes his dad’s soul away and Wylfred is like “Nooo y u do dat? REVENGE!” and a dark goddess gives him power to get revenge on the Valkyrie by feeding souls to a magical feather and then a lot of other stuff happens… […]

Bravely Default – I’m sorry, I can’t do this any more

For those who haven’t played Bravely Default, the story goes something like this: the world is going crazy because four giant crystals have been covered in darkness. So the party goes around the world and cleans all the crystals. Somehow, instead of healing the world, this just throws them into another world where they have […]