Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns!

Natsume is bringing Harvest Moon: Twin Villages over as Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns! When exactly it’ll be published stateside? Sometime in 2011 is all they’re saying. Natsume have been known to postpone release dates before, not to mention Twin Villages itself was delayed at least once before release. Anyone who’s read my posts […]

Shepherd’s Crossing 2 DS

I first played Shepherd’s Crossing 2 as Hakoniwa Seikatsu: Hitsujimura DS (箱庭生活ひつじ村DS), which is the Japanese version. I liked it. I really, really, really liked it. I played it for hours until my arms ached, I lost track of time, I forgot to sleep, I just totally went head over heels for it. There’s so much […]

Harvest Moon Twin Villages – More reasons why I don’t like it

All right. I ended last time by explaining all the reasons why I found this game Random and Restrictive. But to prove it wasn’t all bad, before I dig into the rest of this game, I’ll mention another good thing I liked about this game: cooking. Cooking As distinguished from the cooking festival, which I’ve […]

Harvest Moon Twin Villages – I don’t like it

Yes it’s strange, isn’t it? Before Bokujou Monogatari: Futago no Mura came out I posted about how excited I was and how I couldn’t wait for the game to come out, blah blah blah. Then once it came out, I made one first post and then…nothing. And if someone hadn’t commented asking me about it, […]