Tokimeki Memorial 3 – Emi Tachibana GET!

Tokimeki Memorial 3 is the black sheep of the Tokimemo family, the least-praised, least-loved and least-remembered today. Fans complained about the dumbed-down system and 3D character design when the game was released, but I believe all would have been forgiven if the cast of girls had been even slightly attractive and memorable. Now I’m no […]

Tokimeki Memorial 4 – Yanagi GET!

Is this what they mean by “Too little, too late?” I finally got Fumiko Yanagi and I’m very happy about it, but after goodness knows how many playthroughs, Tokimeki Memorial 4 is stale beyond belief. Yanagi herself is very sweet and friendly from the start, no defrosting ice queens here. The downside of that is that […]

Tokimeki Memorial 4 – Rui GET!

“It’s not me, it’s you.” – Me to Tsugumi, after doing Rui’s route. I couldn’t tell whether the game or the girl was to blame for my less-than-optimal experience doing Tsugumi’s route, so I decided to play Tokimeki Memorial 4 one more time to make sure. And since I’m such a good friend, what better […]

Tokimeki Memorial 4 – Tsugumi GET!

I said I wasn’t going to start a new game, but strictly speaking Tokimeki Memorial 4 isn’t new, so it doesn’t count. Since I had fun replaying Ranshima Monogatari, I thought I’d see if I could recapture the magic with TM4 as well. The experiment was a partial success. The game itself felt a little […]

Tokimeki Memorial 4 – Rizumi GET!

I’m happy I got her, but doing four routes in quick succession has robbed me of any and all desire to continue this game. It’s all over for me now, so this will be my final post about Tokimeki Memorial 4 for the foreseeable future. Rui and Tsugumi, I’m sorry. Maybe in a couple of […]