“Finished” Granblue Fantasy at level 103 + a few tips

I’m probably not cut out to play one game forever, especially not one as time-consuming as Granblue Fantasy, so I’ve been looking for a good end point for the past twenty levels or so. I heard someone refer to level 101+ as Granblue’s “endgame” and it clicked. Endgame… end game… end the game! I’m a genius!

The other reason I dropped the game is because reaching HL undoes all the progress you’ve done until that point. Not really, of course, but it feels like it because you’re so strong compared to other players circa level 99, then you reach 101 and jump into HL battles and WHOA, I cannot compete at all. Forget 120k contribution, I can’t even hit 60! That’s what you get with incomplete weapon pools but it’s still a bit of a shock to the system. It’s like going from your final year of junior high to your first year of high school. From the top of the totem pole to the bottom of the food chain in one night. Gyaaah!

Out of idle curiosity I looked up what I would need to start being competitive again. Let’s see, I’d have to fully uncap all my Tiamat Bolt Omegas…

Wind Centrums are a guaranteed drop from Tiamat HL, but that’s still 15 x 7 battles to uncap the whole pool = 105 battles. More troublesome were the wind urns, a rare random drop from 6-man battles. How many battles would it take to get them all? (correction: they’re a guaranteed drop as well. That’s good to know) And then the gun stones. With only 500k chips to my name it will be a loooong casino grind to get the 77 million needed for Jewel Modele. And the quartz, I only have about 20 spare Tiamat summons and no money to reduce them with. Nope, nope, nope.

What about Tier IV classes? I had a Murakumo replica in my storage, how hard would it be to get a class weapon?

The plan falls apart at the very first stage. Co op? You want ME to do co op? And not just once but possibly hundreds of times for the first stage alone? In fact, you are not serious. End of conversation.

Well I wasn’t planning to continue after HL anyway so these extra grind requirements were just the final nails in the coffin. And so with that lengthy introduction, welcome to what is most likely my final post on Granblue Fantasy. It’s nothing exciting, just a record of my final parties and weapon pools in all elements, plus the result of my final Legfest rolls and maybe a few tips at the end. If you’re interested you can compare this last status report with my earlier ones:
Levels 0-13
Level 40
Level 50
Level 80
Level 90
Might be helpful if you’re thinking of starting Grindblue and want to know how far you can get in 7 months as a fairly casual player. Now on to our story.

My blastin’ Wind weapon pool, or How I Settled on a Main pool

I thought I would go Dark when I first started out, but after pulling Vaseraga in my first legfest I didn’t get another Dark SSR until December 2016. Also being a Dark/Light player means you really have to cap renown every week if you want to progress and I hate doing my daily raids. I can count on two hands the number of weeks I’ve capped renown since I started, it’s that bad. That was the end of that.

So then I thought I would go Water because I had Silva and later got Lilele, but I couldn’t MVP Leviathan Omega for the life of me. Plus he just wouldn’t give me any daggers in the single red box I got from hosting. It was around level 90 before I saw my first Leviathan Omega dagger, true story. First tip: don’t waste your gold anima on omegas you can’t MVP. You’ll regret it later, especially now that the casino doesn’t dish out anima like candy any more.

After that I flitted here and there trying this pool and that depending on what the game dropped or what legfest blessed me with. It was only in the upper 70s when I won Super Bingo that I realized I had a pretty good Wind team in Feena, Metera and Sutera + a Wind Carbuncle. I added Anat, started stalking Tiamat and the rest is history:

An improvement from level 90 but it still needs work. Those last two bolts need to be MLB’d, for starters. A Cosmos gun is not going to happen because I hate camping for Grand Order so I’m supposed to MLB a Wind Unknown to fill its place instead. Not going to happen either. What I might do one day (actually I’m lying, I won’t do it) is upgrade that Bahamat dagger to benefit my Erune-heavy party. Speaking of which, here are my beautiful Wind ladies:

From left to right: Feena, Metera and Sutera. Oh wait, their names are right there in the picture. Unless otherwise stated my backline always consists of Yuel and Amira because I’m trying to get them to level 100. When that’s done I’ll probably stick Helnar and Summer Jin back there. I was building Seofon/Siete to be my main Wind attacker, but once I decided to quit the grind seemed kinda pointless. Besides, these three girls have been together since June. It would be a shame to break up a beautiful female friendship because of a guy.

My rockin’ Earth weapon pool

Very powerful team in short fights where Nemone’s fragility and my lack of healing don’t become issues. They had a field day last Unite and Fight, for starters. Here’s the pool:

3 out of 6 Yggdrasil Swords MLB’d and plans are far advanced to replace the Titan broadsword with a GW dagger. By that I mean I won’t actually do it but it’s nice to talk about it. And here’s my party, unchanged from last time.

The nice thing about having a Human + Erune + Harvin team is I can take full advantage of Tezcatlipoca summons for a huge attack boost. Beating Leviathan Omega before he unleashes his overdrive is as easy as twisting a baby’s arm now. I don’t even know what Perilous Tidefall looks like any more :-p.

My splashin’ Water weapon pool

All that Levi bashing has given me a nice starter Water pool that lets me whittle Colossus Omega down to 50% HP within two ougis.

I have a lot of good water SSRs, but the real star is Yngwie. The man tanks Dimensional Cleave like it was nothing and says “Please sir, may I have some more?” On a good day he can even tank two in a row without healing. I think his synergy with the Cosmos Dagger DEF has a lot to do with it. Either way, you go Yngwie, you da (creepy old) man!

Lancelot and Romeo are very recent additions I haven’t had the time/money/anima to level up yet. In the future I might go with a team of Silva, Lilele & Yngwie for short battles that need Yngwie’s tanking skills and Lancelot, Romeo & Lilele for everything else. Not that there’s any future for me and Grindblue, but you know what I mean.

My sizzlin’ Fire weapon pool

Or more like fizzlin’, since it’s my personal favorite but also my weakest next to Dark. I’m sorry to report that it has now become a boring cookie-cutter team just like every other fire pool in the Granblue universe. It takes away a lot of the excitement of building your own pool when it’s just going to look the same as yours and his and hers and everyone else’s in between, all 12 million Granblue Fantasy players aiming for the same results. Imagine if all 100 million starving artists in the world were trying to paint the exact same picture, how boring would that be? Maybe that’s how MMORPGs work and I’m only surprised because this is my first one. It’s normal in an offline RPG for there to be only one or two ultimate weapons per game per class, but in a potentially limitless MMORPG? Boooring. But I digress. I always digress. Sumimasen.

The Unknown axes aren’t FLB’d because my grind fu failed me at a critical moment. I just couldn’t bring myself to fight even one more battle. Now that damascus ingots are a thing, that might be something to consider…nah. Can’t be bothered.

I also have Agielba but his damage output isn’t high enough to justify giving up Anna and her sweet Charm and Dark attacks. Anna 5* when? Yuel in the middle was kinda useless until she got fire echoes at level 95. She’s still useless though. And her voice is annoying. Zahlhamelina would be mai waifu if I bothered having waifus outside romantic games.

My gloomy Dark Pool

*sigh* Where did I go wrong, Dark? I liked you so much at first. I still like you a lot even now. But… but… just look at this.

I don’t even have enough dark SRs or SSRs to fill the pool, haha, ha, haa… But you can look on the bright side and call it a real fixer-upper, in real estate parlance. I have a level 100 GW Harp almost ready for element-changing so that would be a start. But really I’ve just given up on dark. It is enough.

My favorite party to look at, aesthetically-speaking. I find a soothing harmony in the combination of stoic Vaseraga, dark troubled Danua and flashy Yuri. It’s almost enough to make me forget that this lineup hasn’t changed at all since I started the game, haa… I pulled Lady Grey in the most recent Legfest but I don’t really want to use her. Like, “What do you want here?” Why here, why now? Why not 20 levels ago? *sigh*

My brilliant Light Pool

Not much to say about this one. It would be in better shape if fighting Luminiera wasn’t such a chore. Then again maybe not, knowing the drop rates in this game.

It used to be even better back when I used my awakened GW dagger as a main hand. Combined with Amira’s Bal-Sagoth it helped me keep spitting out double and triple attacks like water, which kept the ougis constantly flowing. Have you ever seen Juliet ougi? With ATK boosts from Lucifer and Light carbuncle and a Light Res Down on the enemy? It’s a sight to make grown men weep.

My surprisingly-powerful-despite-a-mediocre-pool light party. I also have Sarunan and SSR Rosamia waiting in the wings, probably forever. I used to sub SR Katalina in for Celeste Omega battles, but now I use my Wind team + Katalina + two Onyx carbuncles for that so the Light team doesn’t see much use.

My Final Legend Fest pulls

That’s it for the pools. Now for the results of my final Legfest draws. I saved up 18,000 crystals in November and December and scrounged up another 6000 from game gifts and events. I was hoping to pull either Korwa, Birdman or Mahira for characters and Tezcatlipoca or Shiva for summons. Heh, I should be so lucky. I’ll just post the draws where I got something remotely useful.

That’s Lucifer, Rosamia and Lady Grey, if the images are too small to see. I also got Romeo and two Onyx Carbuncles from single pulls and the useless Setekh wind summon from a New Year’s Special ticket. Not a very impressive haul tbh. If I’d known this would happen I would have saved up for a spark instead. That’s still an option. I could just log in and do events for the crystals until I have 90,000. But, hmm, it’s kind of meaningless getting a good character or a summon for a game you don’t intend to pursue any further. That’s that, then.

My Granblue Fantasy tips, or Stuff That Worked for Me but might not Work for You

It’s hard to make any irreparable errors in Grindblue Farmtasy. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though, and it doesn’t mean there aren’t many things that can make your life way easier. Here are a few things I wish I’d known or done back when I started out.

-If you’re a casual free-to-play player like me, Wind is the best element. When you’re Wind, you can get three guaranteed SSR characters just by grinding (Christine, Seofon and Niyon – the latter two are some of the best SSRs in the game), you can get four or more Wind carbuncles pretty easily, you’ll get a great summon from the casino, you don’t need to take part in Guild Wars/Unite and Fight and you don’t need any summon friends. Heck I unfriended everyone and turned off the “Receive Friend Requests” option 20 levels ago and haven’t missed it one bit. It’ll be a cold, cold day in Granblue Hell before you’ll ever find the Wind summons list without three or four MLB Anats on it.

And that’s not even getting into the lovely numbers you can put out with a “Hurt me more!” Tiamat Bolt Omega grid. If you’re in doubt which element to pick, just go Wind and never look back.

-Get a Weapon Stash when you start and stick every weapon with a Skill in it. If you fight a monster and it says “Rare Monster” and it drops a weapon, HANG ON TO THAT BABY FOR DEAR LIFE! You’ll thank me later when you decide to get one of the Unite and Fight/GW characters.

-When I started out I had no idea what weapon skills were so I wasted countless skilled Rs, SRs and SSRs on leveling up weapons. I would see that little skill up percentage sign and just assume it was cumulative. 5%? Oh okay, so next time I can add some more percentage points and eventually it will get to 100% right? >________< So sub-tip, learn what weapon skills are ASAP and don’t carelessly fuse away any weapon with a skill.

-Also hang on to all SR and SSR weapons you get from gacha, events and enemies. They’ll come in handy much later when you have your element pool ready for skilling up. You’ll also need the weapon stones from gacha weapons for MLB’ing and FLB’ing omega wepaons. Oh, and get a Summon Stash and stick all spare SR and above summons inside. You’ll need so many elemental quartz when you reach HL that you’ll regret every Hellhound and Elderwyrm you fused away with a dismissive “Pah!”

-That “Favorite” option isn’t just there for decoration, use it! Especially on anything you plan to use soon but not just yet. Otherwise it will be you fusing away your second Garnet Carbuncle without thinking. Or getting a Yggdrasil Sword drop and using it to uncap another, little knowing the drop actually went into your crate and the one you just fused away was a SL5 you were going to put in your party later, etc etc. You should definitely Favorite one-time only weapons like the Suzaku katana and Xuanwu mace and any good unknowns. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

-Be in a crew / guild if at all possible. You don’t have to join an existing one, you can start your own. I was guild-free from level 1-50, in a fairly powerful guild from 50-80 and in my own one-man crew from 80-103. I’d rank them Existing Crew >> One-man Crew >>>>>> No Crew.

The only real reason to go one-man is if you’re super-casual, super anti-social or you have the rupies to burn and don’t want to deal with other people. Just being able to set and change strike times anyhow you want is worth the price of admission.

For everyone else there are so many thousands of guilds out there you’re bound to find one that fits your timezone and play style. Then you can get advice from older players, tackle co-op and tough raids together, chat and commiserate with each other over shoddy legfest pulls and so on and so forth. It’s well worth the effort.

-Unless you plan to quit after level 101, you really should do your Co-op dailies. Yes, co-op sucks. Getting into a room in the first place is an exercise in frustration. Even if you do they probably won’t be doing the quests you need. And the leader might close the room after just a quest or two. Or the other players might kill the enemy before you can even get a hit in. And good luck getting the item you need to drop even if you’re in the right quest. Etc. etc.

But still, you should do them if you can. Those blue crystals and creeds are just too valuable, and the scales and animas and other rewards are pretty nice too. The solution here is, find a good crew and form a regular co-op posse or get some like-minded fellow players together and do the same.

-Get your info from a regularly updated source. I liked to lurk the GBF Reddit for the latest info and answers to questions. There are a lot of forums and articles about Granblue Fantasy out there but the game changes so often that a lot of it is old intel. E.g. you’ll still see references to “starred Angel halo” even though that hasn’t been a thing for a few months now. Or recommendations of tweetdeck when everybody uses the Granblue Raid Finder these days. Again a good guild can be invaluable for this.

If you have any questions about how I in particular did something or why I chose to do X rather than Y you can ask in the comments, otherwise just direct all your questions to Reddit or your crew for speedy, accurate answers.

-Use Journey drops for better drops and faster leveling. I ignored them for a while but it’s pretty painless to have those buffs going in the background while you play. Any little boost helps with the poor drop rates.

-Use your full elixirs, and soul balms too. That’s what they’re there for. Use them especially if you just need a last push to finish off a boss and double-especially if there are crystals or blue crystals at stake. Hoarding virtual game items is pointless, says the gamer who still has 145 full elixirs to her name. By the time I realized I was hoarding in vain I was already too strong to need them. Kind of a waste, so don’t end up like me

-Don’t bother grinding up more than a copy or two of the rotating summons like Ifrit, Cocytus and Diablo. You’re just going to replace them with MLB Omega summons before too long.

-Don’t bother uncapping characters you won’t use immediately. You’ll want all that money and those materials and merits back later on. This especially applies to mediocre units like all the story characters except Katalina.

-You really should try and cap renown every week. Do as I say and not as I do.

Final impressions of Granblue Fantasy after eight months of playing

I made my first post on May 17th 2016, so today makes it a little over 8 months since I started. It’s been fun. Really. I may complain about the grind here and there but that’s just Kina-talk, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

My favorite part of the experience was definitely getting stronger every week and being able to tackle content I couldn’t even dream of before. I’m a solo player at heart so while it’s nice to have other raiders pile in and help, I was happiest when I could solo the hardest enemies in events and showdowns.

Apart from that I also enjoyed tweaking my weapon pools, adding stuff and throwing things out with the changing seasons. All the more reason why I got a little bored once I moved out of the midgame and all my pools became more or less fixed. Legfest was fun for the same reason because despite my complaining I did pretty well on the SSR front. It was fun testing my new hires and seeing how best to fit them into my party or even rebuild the whole party around them if necessary. I already mentioned Yngwie giving my Water team a new lease on life. Nemone did the same for my Earth team, and what can I say about Juliet “Gorilla” Capulet? Wow-wee!

The game story is rather boring and the world is vague but the Granblue Channel comic strips were really funny and cute. I learned a lot more about the characters that way than from the game itself. That’s why I’m not too interested in the upcoming anime. Unless I hear it’s super-duper good I probably won’t watch it. The soundtrack is great, I’ll especially miss that music that plays when you finish a regular battle. And I super-liked the way there’s always something to do in the game and half-elixirs are so plentiful you never have to wait for your life to refill. You can play as much or as little as you want every day.

And so on and so forth. I found plenty to like about Granblue Fantasy. I’m glad I played it, now it’s time to move on. But first/last I should thank a few people: Davzz and teasel for telling me about the game, teasel again for letting me mooch off his excellent guild for so long without complaining and all the fine members of (You) for putting up with me, Spoopy for patiently listening to me whine and gloat in turn for so long and finally all my kind and loyal readers for not abandoning this blog even though this game ate up a lot of time I could have spent on a wider variety of games last year. Thank you everyone for reading this far and good night!

20 thoughts on ““Finished” Granblue Fantasy at level 103 + a few tips

  1. Spoopy says:

    Hi Kina, I really enjoyed reading this post ^-^
    Nice way to provide closure to your Granblue career, complete with weapon pools and party compositions. Like you, I also like seeing the progression we make as players over time, and you certainly made a lot of it since starting the game!

    Very useful tips! Lots of new players would definitely benefit from knowing those tidbits. Also a lot of what you wrote echoed my own experiences with the game (most certainly the gacha pulls) so it was a bit nostalgic.

    It’s cool that you mention being a solo player at heart: for me, working with others is one of the more compelling factors in continuing the game, struggling though the Class 4 and GW Chara grinds. For comparison, I have Fate/Grand Order but am not as active because it’s largely single-player. So at the moment, I guess the appeal of 6-man raids and the cooperation it encourages are personally what sustains HL content.

    P.S. Spot on with “end game” 😀 I feel that you’re one of the smarter players precisely for knowing when to stop, considering how much of a time commitment it entails. Your post will be a model for me, who will have to cut down on the grind because of med school (though more reluctantly xD)

    • Kina says:

      Thank you for reading that long-winded ramble. It was fun for me to look back and see how far I’d come. When I made the decision to leave the game behind, part of me felt “But I’ve left so much undone!” Looking at the pools made me realize “But I’ve done so much already!” so I’m satisfied.

      And to just echo what you said, being in a good guild can make a huge difference to your experience, especially when it comes to harder content like Proto Bahamut, Grand Order, EX Co-op and HL raids. I myself didn’t go one-man because I had problems with a guild but because my schedule was so erratic and my commitment level so low that I didn’t want to burden anyone. Anyone playing Granblue for the long haul should find themselves a nice crew and stay in it.

      P.S. Don’t quit any game until you’re good and ready. And definitely don’t take pointers from a lazy blogger like me! ^^;;

  2. Siete says:

    “More troublesome were the wind urns, a rare random drop from 6-man battles.”

    Except those are a guaranteed drop. Kind of the opposite of rare.

  3. 8Man says:

    Hey, thanks for this great post. I have been looking for a good guide from a GBF veteran for this past few days. Because I just started playing GBF a few days ago. I also find it hard to understand many things in this game and tried to learn about em in the reddit etc. But just can’t understand shit because English is not my my first language. Anyways, good post. Reading it make me go jealous with your GBF. Sorry for my horrible english too.

    • Kina says:

      Your English is fine, it’s the finer details of Granblue that can be confusing. I never got the hang of things like damage and skill calculations even till the end and I got along okay. I don’t know your level or elements or what SSRs you have so I can’t give precise advice, but it’s very very hard to mess GBF up permanently.

      Just make sure you:
      1. Cap renown every week by doing Hard summon battles (like Tiamat, Colossus, etc)
      2. Trade 5000 renown twice a month for the SSR ATK up omega weapon of your choice until you have 5-7 of them in your grid.
      3. Don’t uncap them until you have the base grid of 5-7 weapons, then start uncapping
      4. Raise the skill levels of your SSR weapons using non-gacha R/SR/SSR weapons (refer to this guide if you need to)

      And you’ll be strong in no time.
      Once you’re strong enough to beat the Omega of your element, you should fight them every day for an increased chance at more SSR weapon and summon drops for your grid/fodder. I didn’t have too much luck leeching Omegas (joining battles other people started) but you should do it anyway whenever you get 3BP, it can’t hurt.

      If you have any other questions, ask me and I’ll try to help, but the easiest way would be to find a guild/crew of players in your language and have them walk you through anything you don’t understand. Good luck!

      • 8Man says:

        Thanks for the advices, really helpful for me back then. Its been 10 months since I first started this game. Rank 130 now and still cant get my the waifus that I want.

        • Kina says:

          Fans call it the “desire sensor” – they imagine that the game reads your mind and deliberately keeps you from getting the things you want most. It’s all a joke, of course, but it sure feels that way sometimes. I’ve been wanting Korwa since even before I started the game, still no luck. That’s Granblue for you.

          • 8Man says:

            Hahaha, desire sensor really shitty man. I feel the pain, still no Ferry. I really want her considering Im maining light, but no. Wrong waifus instead. Are you still Granblue-ing tho? If yes I would love to see you post your progress, interested to see em. ^_^

          • Kina says:

            Come to think of it I don’t have Ferry either, but I’m happy enough with my current light party of Clarisse, Juliet and Summer Heles.
            I’m very much still playing Granblue and planning an upgrade post as soon as the free rolls and magfest are over. All my grids look really different right now, so I’m looking forward to showing you guys my progress.

  4. Kota says:

    Your comments about being part of a crew in this game made me think about my own experience with the game.

    Recently, I left my crew because I wasn’t being very committed to the game and barely contributed to past GW events, which left me feeling like a terrible leech who occupied the space of a potentially dedicated member. Two months later, here I am, back to playing, and honestly… I didn’t realize it back then, but having a crew makes this game feel a lot easier, and most of all, a lot more tolerable. Seriously.

    Sharing your unlucky experiences, your lucky experiences, having someone to just complain about the game, someone who understands all the hassle you’re going through in order to get stronger and who outright helps in raids… it makes GBF feel like a whole other game.
    I’m not a very sociable gamer. In fact, I tend to quit games like these because solo playing only gets me so far without getting bored all of a sudden. However, back in my early MMO days, I was a lot more social and being like that was the driving force that kept me going at it with them. Ragnarok online is a good example of that to me.

    Having this feeling of missing my old crew right now kind of revived the old sociable gamer in me a little- something I never expected GBF to accomplish.

    So, in conclusion: GBF really IS a multiplayer. Saying that right now, it sounds really obvious (it really is) but it took me a while to truly understand this and appreciate the game for being like that. It’s not every multiplayer game that manages to make you feel a sense of cooperation- of “needing” someone else to progress, or just making it so that it’s way harder if you don’t have that someone.

    PS: I have a new crew right now with a few close friends who just started playing, but I guess it will take a while before they have enough of an understanding of the game to reach that same kind of experience… If they don’t quit halfway through, that is. Haha.

    • Kina says:

      I understand that sense of feeling like a dirty leech especially during GW. I did my best to host beasts so others could kill them, but you’re still going to be lagging behind terribly on the honors list. Feels bad, man.

      But really there are a LOT of Granblue crews out there, including many fine casual-friendly crews. It’s not a hardcore crew or nothing, there’s plenty in-between.

      I think your crew of friends is a good move though, since they’re more likely to understand whenever you need time or space. And they’ll probably be fine until level 80-ish or so. That’s when the pain of the grind really set in for me. Good luck and thanks for reading!

  5. deltazechs says:

    Hi, love the content of your blog and had just recently started Grindblue myself. You definitely weren’t kidding when things started to become very taxing during the intermediate period (I am in the rank 50s right now). It’s just a love-hate relationship with this game: on one hand, I appreciate the multiplayer aspect and the sheer amount of content to plow through. On the other hand, this Omega-phase of the game really drives me up the wall. Need a competent Omega grid during mid-game to tackle more content. But also need to MVP Omega raids to get the loot needed to progress. It’s such a catch-22 situation!

    Tiamat just hates my guts and would not drop any Bolts whatsoever. Trying to cap renown is such a bane of my existence….I really wonder if I should just cheese it and ticket Yoda to ease the renown farming….

    • Kina says:

      Hehe, you’re falling for the temptation. They want you to ticket Yoda, that’s how they make their money. And if you’re looking to stick GF out for the long-term then you’ll be doing a lot of renown farming, so it’s a good investment.

      But if you’re still on the fence – or you can be patient a little while longer, you’ll be beating the Hard summons with ease once you have a few SSR weps. IIRC starter grids with skilled up SR weapons (about SL5 is okay, no higher) should be enough to make Hard battles a breeze so focus on that for now.

      Also beat up Colossus for SR fire weapons, skill them up and see if you can get Tiamat Omega down to 50% with those. During magnafest, you can get away with beating her down to 60%-65% and opening it up to the public. If you’re in a crew and someone has Percival/Black Knight so they can stop her from using Tempest/Backdraft and you’ll be fine.

  6. Yukine says:

    Hi! Love the contents!
    Just nice for a beginner like me~
    Just want to cask how did u change the skill settings to appear at the bottom of the character icons instead of clicking into them?

  7. Yuki says:

    Hi Kina,
    it’s refreshing to read your post.
    I’ve reached level 88 within 3 months, not that I want to brag about it.
    Because I still a noob at the raid.

    I’m confused what gird should I build.
    But after I read your post, I realize what I missed in 3 months.
    I should take dagger instead of the bow in GW. That would help my human team.

    But hey how could you get so many SSR char there?
    I’ve pooled 12000 crystals for legfest and only get 2 SSR char.
    Are you buy mobacoin?

    • Kina says:

      Getting SSRs is 100% luck, whether you spend money or not. I haven’t spent anything on Granblue, but I had been playing for almost a year when I wrote that post so just give yourself a little more time. You can also consider buying a Surprise Ticket or saving up for a spark. And Cygames is so nice these days they even give us a free SSR with every collab event. Oh, and don’t forget about Eternals/GW characters like Siete and Feower. Free for the taking if only you can bear the grind.

      As for which grid to build, the correct answer is “All of them.” But start with whichever one you enjoy using the most. It’s easier to stay motivated that way. Enjoy~

      • andie says:

        are you still playing granblue ? If you ever decided to play gbf HL please write blogs about them, I find these granblue blogs are quite unique and interesting!

        • Kina says:

          I’m still playing, but I consider myself post-HL by now. I’m beyond needing to run HL for my grids, now I just do it for the prestige pendants. It’s been almost a year since I wrote that post. Okay, I’ll do an update post one of these days.

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