Granblue Fantasy – Passed level 90

granblue-fantasy-current-level-91I’m level 91 and 9/10ths, to be precise. I only have about 20000 EXP to 92, but that will have to wait till next time. “Wait, next time?” you say. “I thought you dropped Granblue Fantasy!” you say. I did indeed, but it turns out I can be lured back pretty easily by any event that includes the words “Unknown weapons”, “Half AP” or “Free rolls.” So I’ve been playing semi-seriously since the Idolmaster collaboration event a few weeks ago. I got junk and 2 R characters from the free rolls this time, unlike last time when I made out like a bandit but free stuff is still free stuff.

Of course what this means is that now the free stuff event is over, so is my participation in this game until the next Half AP/free roll event. That will probably be around Christmas, roughly 6 weeks from now. Until then I’m back on a Grindblue fast. But before that, a progress report! Lookie lookie at my wind grind:

granblue-fantasy-level-91-wind-gridCheck out dem skill levels~ All I need now is to raise my Bahamut Dagger skill level to 10 and farm up a Cosmos Gun to replace the SR weapon (not going to happen, I hate camping for Grand Order raids) and I’m all set until HL at level 101. Sure I still have to limit-break all those guns first and going on hiatus isn’t going to help with that, but if I hit the next few magnafests with the seriousness I applied to this one, that should also be done before I hit 101.

I added four guns in this session (2 from the renown shop) + 2 Yggdrasil swords + 2 Leviathan daggers + 2 Colossus staffs + 1 Celeste axe. That’s not counting the many SSR and SR weapons that were sacrificed to form this grid. And I still have about 100 full elixirs, 350 half elixirs, 150 soul balms and 570+ soul berries to tackle future events with. As an added bonus, the newfound strength of my wind team made beating Yggdrasil Omega pathetically easy (wow, look at me boast, I sure wasn’t boasting when Luminoxi Genesi was wiping the floor with me), leading to a promising earth grid:

granblue-interim-earth-gridI have a 6th sword but the Ygg staff is level 100 and that one is only level 40 so it’s going to stay out of the grid for a while. I’ll need to get a better main hand and level up my Ygg Omega summon before I can really get the earth show on the road, but things are looking pretty good on this front too.

Other achievements of the past three weeks or so:

Cleared the story up to chapter 62-4, the infamous Akasha fight. I haven’t even tried it yet, I know I’m not ready. Leviathan Malice and Mithra Malice went down pretty easy once I got the idea to try sicc’ing my Wind team on them instead of being obsessed with element matching. Just beat up Leviathan normally but not before storing up enough ougi to wipe out Mithra’s circle in the very first turn. Piece of cake.

granblue-earth-teamMLB’d all the omegas with ease. Yes, that includes Leviathan, Colossus, Celeste and Luminiera Omega. The last two require you to go according to the “rules” of their AI, which can be found fairly easily online if you look hard enough. For Luminiera I used the Morphe & Phoebe strategy outlined in this video, using SSR Eugen to draw hits away from the twins.

It takes about 20 minutes on average for a weakling like me but unless you’re astronomically unlucky it’s pretty much foolproof. It worked so well that I used a similar strategy to take down Colossus Omega, with Silva more than making up for the damage loss from being unable to ougi with Morphe & Phoebe. Celeste Omega gives me the most trouble because if weak and squishy SR Katalina gets squashed it’s pretty much over. I usually get away with MVP first though.

Leviathan Omega is the easiest. Nope, I haven’t found a way to survive Perilous Tidefall. What I do is take in my Wind team at strike time. The charge attack blast + hopefully 5 turns of skills and physical attacks usually get him (her?!) down to around 60%. Feena and Sutera have an attack null spell so with any luck Perilous Tidefall hits them instead. Even if I do lose 2 party members, I get fresh replacements with full charge attack bars, enough for another blast before I call for help. My life got a lot easier once I realized you don’t actually have to beat omegas to MVP them. 50% is enough, and during magfest even 55-60% will usually do. Thanks to all that, I usually capped renown within 2 or 3 days every week during magfest.


Prepare to meet your manufacturer, Colossus!

Picked up 3 Unknown weapons: 2 MLB Fire Axes and 1 FLB Earth Axe from the Idolmaster collab events. I don’t feel like they’ve made much difference to my strength so far, but they’re both low skill level and stuck in weak grids so it’s hard to tell.

Got closer to getting a GW character: My Wind team still has space for a heavy attacker, so I’m half-heartedly working on GW character Seofon. I already awakened the Seven-Star Sword and element-changed it to fire (for all the good it did me). The Half AP story quests helped me get almost all the weapons and Mithra anima I need to upgrade the Shack for the next step in the process. I just need one or two more rare weapons plus about 150,000 rupies to complete the process then it’s all grind grind grind till I have enough mats to finish the process.

Mastered all standard classes and two Extra classes: I finished Rows 1-4 and mastered Samurai and Ninja… wait I think I mastered Ninja, not sure. I’m working on Alchemist now. After that I have access to Gunslinger or Mystic. Might just be my imagination, but EX classes kinda suck…

Mission accomplished.

Mission accomplished.

-Got 4 new SSRs during the Premium Gala: I got nothing but junk in the previous legfest and in the free Spooky Special rolls, but this Premium Gala made up for that. Yngwie, Agielba, Arulumaya and Nemone. I might have uses for all of them too. I’m going to try Yngwie instead of Summer Narumaya in my main water team, and my fire team also seriously lacks firepower so Agielba might help with that. The last two earth ladies I haven’t really tested out but I only have one other Earth SSR so they’ll have to do.

Finished all co-op quests: Another source of easy crystals gone :-< But at least I got all the trophies I need to unlock EX classes. And now I can get into all those level 90-only co-op rooms, and not only get in but actually contribute and even MVP sometimes. Yay for progress!

Also I was told this very early on and didn’t listen, but I’ll tell you straight: you really should do all your co-op dailies if at all possible. Co-op sucks and is pretty easy to forget about, but you’ll thank yourself later when you need 70 blue crystals for a GW character and 100,000 rupies each to 5* Amira and Yuel ;__; I was warned and I didn’t listen. Don’t be like me.

And so, with those parting words of advice, it’s time to shelve GBF for another couple of weeks while I work on other stuff that may or may not include video games. Adieu Granblue until Christmas!

15 thoughts on “Granblue Fantasy – Passed level 90

  1. spoopy says:

    Wow, nice work. I think your progress during half AP/BP events more than makes up for playing intermittently… See you during the Christmas event 😀

    • Kina says:

      I hear Rise of the Beasts is next week = 200k rupies to unlock Siero’s shop, must have. After that, see you at Christmas!

      • Kina says:

        All done. And now I need… 200 satin feathers for the next stage? This is not happening…

        • spoopy says:

          Unfortunately, it only gets worse ><

          Luckily, the feathers can be farmed at one's leisure, in one or more sittings. But the later steps require items (in ridiculous quantities!) that have the time component as the limiting factor: 450+ rainbow prisms (Thursday quests) and 70 co-op crystals (once daily, as you've mentioned).

          Also, Magnafest will be 11/21-11/30 😀

          • Kina says:

            Yay, soul-balm-in-a-red-boxfest \o/ I’m going to use 99 berries a day until it’s over. Don’t try to stop me, spoopy, my mind is made up!

          • spoopy says:

            Haha no discouragement intended! I wish I had enough resources to farm that much…

            Co-op quests are also 1/2 off, so if you’re planning for Tier IV jobs, which you should, because you’re close rank-wise, and they’re cool 😉 you are welcome to join any room where I attempt to efficiently farm materials.

          • Kina says:

            Oh yeah, you must be HL by now. I remember you were lv99 when you joined that Tiamat raid. Congratulations! Part of me wants to get a headstart on picking up creeds for Tier IV, a bigger part of me just doesn’t want to bother. I’ll be useless in HL if I haven’t finished my weapon grid by then anyway. I’m gonna focus on Tiamat guns this co-op/magfest and gamble on there being another 1/2 co-op event for Christmas.

  2. Spoopy says:

    Thanks, Kina! As for Tier IV, there are honestly enough high-level players out there that 18-man raids aren’t too much of a problem. 6-man raids are a different story, though…

    • Kina says:

      If the voice of experience says so then it must be true. It is rather hard to imagine a raid that eighteen level 101+ players couldn’t handle in a flash. Besides, at level 93 it’s still too early for me to worry about any of that stuff. Time to attack gold-anima-in-a-red-box-fest with renewed gusto!

      • Kina says:

        Random rant: I beat that level 10 Siegfried in one attack and yet the game has the nerve to act like my party’s struggling against him. RRRRGHHHH, it makes me so SO mad when games do this!

        Mini-update: Operation 99-berries-a-day abandoned after 1 day. Too tiresome and too unrewarding…which also aptly describes Grindblue as a whole… but that’s a discussion for another day.

  3. Spoopy says:

    Ooh interesting… 99 berries a day seemed to be an ambitious undertaking, but I don’t blame you. If you end up writing it about I’d definitely love to hear more of your thoughts on Grindblue.

    • Kina says:

      Don’t mind me, I was just a little burnt out after that ill-fated attempt at leeching Tiamat. I got two selfies for my trouble, if you want to know. I’m thinking of doing a final roundup post about my experiences when I hit HL (6 levels more!) but it should be a largely positive post. I knew what I was getting into when I started this game.

      • Kina says:

        Free daily draw gave me this:

        On one hand everyone says Lancelot is core to Water. On the other hand I’m quite satisfied with my Silva-Lilele-Yngwie team. Also a good draw this early in the season means I’m doomed to characterless Rs from the rest of the year. Woe is me (not!)

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