Finished Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice (massive ending spoilers)

ace-attorney-spirit-of-justiceI thought of doing a spoiler-free edition of this post just to give my thoughts on the game and then writing a separate post another day featuring the many, many questions I still have left now that the game is done. I though of it, but Spirit of Justice really doesn’t deserve that much attention from me. That, and now that two days have passed since I finished it, I find I don’t care as much about it and just want to move on, so this will be a condensed form of what would have been a fairly long post. Thank goodness for a good night’s sleep.

The TL;DR version is that Spirit of Justice was a mixed bag for me. It was full of wild ups and downs. Exciting cases, dull moments, sensible plot twists, nonsensical turns of events. My mood kept going up up up, doooowwwwn, up up uuup, downnn. Unfortunately my mood was down when the game ended, partly because the last case dragged on a bit and honestly I JUST DIDN’T CARE about all those things they were trying to make me so emotional about, but don’t let any negative comments below scare you away from the game if you’re an Ace Attorney fan. It has a lot of fun moments, especially in earlier cases.

No Phoenix, you can't have both.

No Phoenix, you can’t have both.

I will be spoiling the story, particularly the ending at some length below so for let’s note other stuff here instead: music was great, voice-acting was okay. The script was vibrantly localized as always, though again as always some typos and errors crept in which I have meanspiritedly photographed and added to this post because I’m petty that way. One thing I really enjoyed was that the regular judge was more sensible and in control of his courtroom than in previous games, possibly because the new prosecutor was too weak-willed and spineless to boss him around.

I’m also really happy that they added in more exploration this time compared to Dual Destinies. Now you can poke and prod almost any interesting-looking object on the screen and be rewarded with interesting banter and funny statements that are well worth the trouble of seeking them out. The game reused a lot of locations in Khura’in, but in exchange you get to see those places through the eyes of different characters at different times, so it’s not all bad.

No Apollo, you can't both have her.

No Apollo, you can’t both have her.

In terms of implications for the greater Ace Attorney series, you could say it’s the conclusion of the Apollo Justice saga, sort of. Not really, but sort of. If you intensely dislike AJ you might want to skip this one. The end of the game is all AJ all the time, it’s rather annoying for people like me who are just playing for the Phoenix. And btw, the game doesn’t divulge that “certain secret” about AJ’s past that PW has been hiding for the past two games. The player/Apollo will find out a lot about his past in Spirit of Justice, but not the stuff you wanted to know, only the stuff you don’t care about.

Enough with the “reviewish” stuff, on to the story! If I had to score the game separately based on each case, it would be something like (spoilers abound):

................ ...... ...........

… …… ……………………-_-;;

Episode 1: 9/10. Hugely entertaining. Rock on! Love the music, I seriously want the soundtrack now. We already knew whodunnit, it was just a matter of dragging them out into the open, which is always more interesting for me. As a bonus it sets up a lot of things for the rest of the game, so it’s not just a throwaway case like most first episodes tend to be.

Episode 2: 5/10. Passable, but mostly trash. The ridiculously elaborate way the murder was carried out had me rolling my eyes. Little did I know it would only get worse. Also it heavily featured that thing Ace Attorney games do that I don’t like. That thing where the defense will raise a totally valid objection/question and the prosecution will bat it aside and everyone will just move on like it didn’t matter. Theoretical example: “Why was Billy outside in a storm without any shoes?” Prosecutor: “Maybe he didn’t feel like wearing shoes that day.” Defense: “Oh, okay then.” And that’s the end of that line of inquiry, which is just dumb.

Don't be shy, Apollo, tell them how you really feel.

Don’t be shy, Apollo, tell us how you really feel.

In The Magical Turnabout, the victim was stabbed right in the middle of the back. But the video footage shows the suspect “stabbing” him in the side. The prosecution says “He must have twisted around right before the stabbing” and everybody just drops the issue, but that’s crazy. The guy was in a tiny wooden coffin, he didn’t have enough room to swing a cat, much less twist around.

More importantly, the stunt required Trucy to use a rubber sword. The victim wouldn’t know it was a real sword until it had already pierced his flesh, by which time it would be too late to move. And on top of that, what kind of incompetent forensics expert can’t tell the different between a wound that went straight into the back and one that went into a twisted torso? The location of the wound, the angle of entry, the damage to the internal organs should all be completely different. And yet nobody thinks to bring any of that up, instead they move straight on to talking about lifts and stages and blah blah blah, rrrrrgh, so frustrating!!!

Btw, I should get this out of the way: Apollo, Trucy or Athena have worn out their welcome and I would be perfectly happy if they never showed up in the series again. Apollo in particular is like The Plumed Punisher to Phoenix’s Steel Samurai, if you catch my drift. I didn’t mind them in this case because I (naively) thought they would show up this one time and never come back again. More fool me.

A hypothetical what?

A hypothetical what?

Episode 3: 7/10. Would be higher if not for the forced break that killed a bit of my momentum. Also things got a bit ridiculous with everybody and their mother having been killed by that sharp-beaked statue. And again the forensics guys are so stupid they can’t tell the difference between a stab wound made by a falling on/running into a (stone? metal?) statue versus being stabbed by a dagger. Phoenix and Edgeworth keep blathering about how they want to reform the courts and the justice system but what they really need are better coroners.

Still it was a good case. I got to see Maya again, yay. And she got herself in trouble again, boo. And I enjoyed hanging out with Rayfa and hearing her comments. And The Plumed Punisher was great! A total knock-off lightly inspired reinterpretation of the Steel Samurai halfway around the world? Too too funny ^_^ Only thing is, I don’t understand why Tahrust was warned not to perform the Rite. What did that have to do with anything? It was probably explained but I don’t remember any more.

It's "every," miss.

It’s “every,” miss.

Episode 4: 2/10. For Athena, Simon Blackquill and Athena x Simon fans only. I already explained why I didn’t like it here.

Episode 5. 7/10. Oh boy. Would be lower but. In fact, I think I’ll lower it, 6.5/10. It wasn’t that good but it did have some exciting moments. The part I enjoyed most was going up against Ga’ran. She was kind of cool. Too easily flustered and routed for a final villain, though. The parts I didn’t enjoy were mostly the forced tragedy and the fact that the “spirit channeling” used contradicted everything we’ve seen about spirit channeling throughout the series.

The contradiction in question? Hairstyles! When a medium channels a dead spirit, she adopts his/her form, but her hairstyle and clothes remain the same. This was used to great humorous effect in case 3 and I got a good laugh out of Tahrust’s “luscious locks” so there’s no way I wouldn’t remember. And throughout all the Ace Attorney games when Pearl channels someone they get Pearl’s hairdo, same with Maya.

nayna-spirit-of-justiceAnd yet in Turnabout Revolution they claim that someone with a huge hair of lavender hair as shown on the right channeled two different men with different sleek, black hairdos and didn’t have to cut her hair or dye it in any way? Don’t forget Inga and Dhurke had different shades of black hair, so she would have had to dye and style her hair and then dye and style it again before becoming Dhurke, all in a very short period of time. The various outfits and disguises used were discussed at length during the court proceedings, and the whole time I was screaming in my head, THE HAIR! THE HAIR! WHAT ABOUT THE HAIR?!!

And let’s say she DID dye the hair in some temporary way and then return it to normal later. That still doesn’t solve the issue of volume and length. Amara/Nanya’s hair was thick and long and past waist-length. Inga had long hair too, but it stopped at his waist and tapered to an end. Dhurke had thicker hair, but it was just below his shoulders. So what, Amara cut her hair at Inga’s residence (no hair traces found?) and cut it again in the tomb and then magically grew it out again in time for the trial? Or what, she’s wearing extensions now? Sheesh, this is just too improbable.

As delicious as this sounds, the correct phrase is "on the lam."

As delicious as this sounds, the correct phrase is “on the lam.”

The rest of the case proceeded more or less as I’d expected. Dhurke being dead all along was a surprise though – and again the issue of hair comes into it because you can’t just comb bangs as full and as heavy as Maya’s into a flat middle parting without the front looking obviously shorter and bushier than the rest. Even if you slicked it way down it should still have popped up again when Dhurke went swimming twice in the ocean. What did he coat that hair with, coal tar? I mean seriously, this is just— …. Okay, okay, I’ll drop the hair thing. Sorry, it just bugs me. Really bugs me. But I’ll let it go. But yeah, dead Dhurke was a surprise.

Just by the way, Maya later testifies that she couldn’t have channeled anyway while she was tied up because she couldn’t make the necessary handsigns. I’m going to assume that was a lie because we later find out that she escaped being tied up precisely by channeling someone. Maybe she lied to protect Dhurke’s secret, you know, since keeping the secret was way more important than helping Apollo and Phoenix escape a near-certain death sentence. Priorities, people.

Even MS Word could have spotted this one.

Even MS Word could have spotted this one.

So dead Dhurke was a surprise, but I saw Amara still being alive coming from a few miles away. For some reason after the fifth or sixth time someone mentioned she was completely burned up, I realized she wasn’t completely burned up. That’s how videogame narrative works, deal with it. After that it was a simple step to realize she was Nayna, on account of Nayna’s “mysterious disappearance” and all. I thought Jove might be alive too at some point, but there’s no one else in the game he could have disguised himself as, so that hope faded quickly.

I’d also suspected from the start that Ga’ran either couldn’t channel spirits or wasn’t very powerful, on account of Rayfa not being that powerful either. Once I saw Ga’ran’s obviously evil character design it just clicked. What still doesn’t click is what her motive was. Someone brought it up and as usual it was handwaved as “She probably had a complex about her lack of power.” Probably? This is the issue that caused the whole incident 23 years ago and the DC Act and the revolution and Dhurke’s death and you’re just going to wave it aside with a “probably”?! Lazy writers! I shake my angry, frustrated head at you!

garan-sigatar-khurainAlso nobody in the game brought it up, but why didn’t they have Ga’ran perform the Divination Seance in the trial over Amara’s supposed assassination all those years ago? The law says a trial cannot be completed without a Divination Seance, so how could the trial have gotten anywhere without the death of the victim at least being ascertained? I mean, then we wouldn’t even have this game, but someone should at least have said something. Knowing Ga’ran she probably gave the excuse of being juuust distraught enough to be unable to do the seance but not so distraught she couldn’t persecute the case. And a man as sharp as Dhurke didn’t smell a rat? This case was all kinds of rotten.

ace-attorney-spirit-of-justice-what-is-inside-the-founders-orbWhen they were doing all that back and forth in the courtroom it was like yeah yeah, I know all that, what about the Founder’s Orb? It played a pretty big part in the first case and a lot of time was spent solving the riddle in the first half of the last case. Ooh, we’re going to get to meet the founder and learn all kinds of things. It’s gonna be so awesome *doki doki* Can’t wait. Okay, the case is progressing nicely… any moment now they’re going to summon the Founder… I’m waaaaiting…. waiting……. waitaminnit………………          000_0000 srsly? they’re postponing the great reveal till the next game, srsly? …It makes business sense and I’ll probably buy it too, but I’d really rather not go back to Khura’in again. It was fun while it lasted but I’d like to visit a new location. I was bitterly disappointed that all that fuss over the Founder’s Orb came to nothing though.

ace-attorney-nayuta-sadmadhi-1Other surprises in the last case: how quickly Rayfa and Nahyuta did about-faces when it was convenient for them to do so. And of course Nahyuta is immediately and completely forgiven for all the innocent defendants and lawyers he has condemned to death in full knowledge that what he was doing was wrong. Edgeworth has his shady past and Phoenix has twice defended a bad guy to save Maya so it’s not like he’s the only one ever, but his ‘transformation’ is ridiculously sudden and doesn’t even reference or attempt to atone/apologize for all the wrong he has done. It’s just “Oh hey I’m one of the good guys now” and everyone’s like “Welcome back.” You guys are not serious.

Let’s be honest here. The truth is, Nahyuta only went along with Ga’ran because he wanted to. When he saw the tides turning against her, he cut ties and jumped ship, knowing the revolutionaries would make him an instant hero because of his late dad. Think about it: if he really wanted to rescue Rayfa he could have done it ages ago. He knows how to contact the rebels. Just let them know who she really is and Dhurke will come up with a rescue plan. Presto, problem solved. Rayfa is always walking around lightly escorted anyway, it wouldn’t be too hard to kidnap her.

Get out, Nahyuta.

Get out, Nahyuta.

Once she was in their possession, a simple and very public DNA test would be enough to show that she’s Dhurke & Amara’s daughter and Nahyuta’s full sister, thus blowing a huge hole in the claim that Dhurke killed Amara. This could lead to them demanding a Divination Seance to prove Amara is really dead… which of course Ga’ran can’t do, which could lead to all kinds of interesting developments. I’m surprised Dhurke didn’t notice that Ga’ran magically had a baby girl right after his own wife and baby were snatched away. Maybe he noticed but couldn’t be sure whereas Nahyuta knew for certain and just didn’t feel like sharing such vital information with his father.

But then you might bring up an objection: Nahyuta knew Rayfa’s location but not Amara’s, and he didn’t want to put his mother in danger. See, that just makes him look even worse for being so darned self-centered. So as long as your own sister and mother are safe it’s okay for other people’s family and friends to be condemned to death willy-nilly. In fact you’re happy to do said condemning as long as it keeps you safe? You have people like Tahrust Inmee impaling themselves on spikes for the cause of the revolution and then this namby-pamby sissy-wussy lapdog of an attorney gets all the glory at the end? It’s just not fair. Either Nahyuta was way too stupid to think of alternative solutions (which I want to believe because I loathe that hypocritical little worm) or he just didn’t want to help the revolution along until he was sure it was going to succeed. Either way I don’t like him and I want him dead. End of story.

rayfa-padma-khurainRayfa… I want to cut her some slack because she really goes through the wringer over the course of Spirit of Justice, but the way she turned her back on Inga so suddenly was really something else. One moment she understandably upset, “*sniffle… Oh Father, there is so much I wanted to tell you…” I was a little moved by that, TBH. Which is all the more reason why I was indignant when less than 24 hours later she was like Inga who? “Wow I am so glad my true father didn’t turn out to be a criminal. I sooo wanted to meet him *gush* *giggle*” Girl, you serious? I know teenagers are supposed to be ungrateful but this is just crazy. Turning on Ga’ran for Nayna I can understand, but all those years of loving Inga swept under the carpet when it’s no longer kosher to be his daughter? For shame. And so you will forgive me if I wasn’t too impressed by a game that ends with those two two-faced turncoats in power. Good luck Khura’in, you’ll need it!

Phew! Over 3000 words. And this is the condensed version (NOT)! Ahh, sweet catharsis. I feel a lot better and happier now that I have all that off my chest. It reminds me why I got this blog in the first place. I guess I did have more fun than I’m willing to admit with Spirit of Justice. Not as much as I was hoping for when I played that glorious first case, but enough that I’m glad I played it. And I’m looking forward to the localization of the Great Attorney games any day now, Capcom *hint hint*.

Next game on the list: I really want to finish Sakura Taisen 3. I’ve been thinking of Rune Factory 4 after that, but I might clear up stuff on the DS and PSP before that. I might play the four systems in rotation till the end of the year, probably. I’d better not promise anything I can’t deliver. One day at a time.

Spirit of Justice Episode 4 confirmed for WORST case ever (spoilers)

aa6_promotional_artTurnabout Storyteller is so stupid I’m going to spoil it. Wait, no. Wait yes, I’m going to spoil. I want to spoil. I have to spoil to get it off my chest. Whoddunit: it was Geiru Toneido (obviously, srsly). Whatdunnit: A lump of udon dough over the face. Yah rly. Motive: Because he wouldn’t give her the title she wanted. And she fed the leftover dough to her dog. And, and, Uendo really does have a 4th personality called Owen who just shows up for a few minutes after half the case is devoted to getting him out there even though we all knew he existed and just wanted Athena to GET ON WITH IT ALREADY. Split personalities? Seriously?

It’s all too maddening for words. Like, WHY??? Why must you waste my time with this stupid irrelevant case when there are so many interesting things happening in Khura’in right now? I thought for sure Episode 4 was somehow going to be a set up the final episode but tit turned out to be nothing more than an amateur filler trial.

And a terrible one to boot. A really, really bad one. The client is drunk off his noggin’, the witnesses are a bunch of time wasters, I’m sick of this stupid prosecutor and his one-pattern reactions already and Athena is so terrible at her job that Simon Blackquill basically coaches her from start to finish. After all this time she can’t even try a proper case by herself?… so annoying!

This really should have been a DLC case, not a case in a proper Ace Attorney game, and certainly not right in the middle of all the drama and skulduggery going on elsewhere that I am just itching to get back to. They should at least have rearranged the order of the cases like this: Ep 1 – Phoenix, Ep 2 & 3 – Apollo and Athena, Ep 4 & 5 – Yay, Phoenix again! That would make for tighter storytelling, and then by the time the game was over I wouldn’t even remember what a worthless attorney Athena is. What’s the point of putting her in the game if they’re just going to embarrass her?

Rrgghh. I was really looking forward to the conclusion of Spirit of Justice, but if Turnabout Storyteller is Capcom’s idea of a game-worthy case then I’m probably going to be disappointed again. Tout l’espoir que j’avais / Je commence a le perdre. And obviously the 3DS is still trying to act up again. Obviously. I’m not even going to tell you what it did this time. I’d better finish Spirit of Justice tout de suite while I still can. And before I get even more angry at how bad Ep 4 was and quit altogether. Hang in there, me!

Back on track with Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice

phoenix_wright_ace_attorney_spirit_of_justiceTurns out all my 3DS needed was a brand new charger. Now we’re back in business. I already finished the 3rd case and am now well into the 4th. Maybe it’s the long break, or maybe the second half of the 3rd case was just that crappy, either way my Spirit of Justice fever has broken and now it’s becoming a bit of a slog. Actually it’s mostly because the 4th case of SoJ focuses on Athena Cykes. I like the bits with Phoenix Wright himself in charge and rather dislike the rest of the game. More Phoenix, please!

Barring any unforeseen circumstances (like yet another 3DS disaster, that handheld is seriously cursed) I should be done soon, so it’s time to look forward. Concerning Ray Gigant, I’m going to have to put it on hold. My laptop failed, which was okay because it had been failing for a long time and I already had a replacement lined up. Unfortunately while I was able to transfer most of my files, the Ray Gigant save file didn’t make it over somehow. I’m going to have to start a New Game if I want to play it, and do I want that? No, not really. I’ll do it eventually but for now it’s going to the back of the queue.

Boringest prosecutor ever. I wish he would just die. -_-

Boringest prosecutor ever. I wish he would just die. -_-

Next up: I started Ace Attorney Investigations 2 during the break to scratch my Ace Attorney itch. The outcome of the game is spoiled somewhat by the later games (i.e. Edgeworth becomes Chief Prosecutor, which means the current Chief is going to end up either evil or dead) but I’m going to see it through to the end if I can because, eh, I might as well. There’s seriously too much talking in that game though. Small doses, small doses. Also I’d like to finish Sakura Taisen 3 before the end of the year so I don’t carry any unfinished business over. Somewhere in between the two of them I’m also going to play Rune Factory 4 and the rest of my New Year resolution games. That’s it for the rest of the year, God willing!

Was having a great time with Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice when the 3DS suddenly stopped charging

ace-attorney-spirit-of-justice*sigh* The title says it all, doesn’t it? I’m sure you’re all as sick of hearing of my 3DS troubles as I am of writing about it, so I won’t bother elaborating. That handheld is cursed, cursed I tell you. To think it would fail me at such a crucial moment in the third case, arrrrgh!!! So anyway, Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice and Rune Factory 4 and all those other games I was so looking forward to are on hold AGAIN while I attempt to sort this issue out.

*sigh* And I was having such a good time too. Spirit of Justice wisely pries Phoenix Wright away from his annoying charges Apollo, Athena and Trucy, leaving him free to be his usual goofy, loveable (but slightly more competent and confident with age) self. That dull, stuffy, responsible “Mr. Wright” of Dual Destinies only shows up in phone calls with Apollo, which is just the way I like it. And as a bonus I get to see Maya again. I didn’t like her very much in the early games but now I’ve had a chance to look at the alternatives and seen how much they suck I appreciate her so much more.

Lead on, sweet lips!

Lead on, sweet lips!

Besides, it’s been all these years and he’s still single and she’s still single… you get my drift? Come on Phoenix, why don’t you make an honest woman out of her already? You didn’t fly halfway around the world to see ‘just a friend’ now did you? And you’re not as young as you used to be, what with that wonky back and all. Isn’t it time to settle down? …says the otome fangirl in me :-pppp I was double-enjoying the third case for that (purely imagined) aspect as well.

The first case was AWESOME, the second case was terrible – and not just because it was handled by Apollo and Athena, it just plain sucked – and then the third case was all kinds of intriguing with all these strange clues that made you wonder how they could possibly be relevant to the case and all this intrigue going on at a national level. The trial started and not even the boring new prosecutor could ruin my buzz, the plot started to thicken, oh my, what’s going to happen next— *red light* — Gah, I’d better go charge this thing…. And you know how that ended. *sigh*

I really really want to know how the third case and the whole game ends, but I want to play it for myself, not watch it on Youtube or read spoilers. I’ll give my best shot to fixing/replacing the 3DS/charger/battery/whatever is wrong with that stupid thing now. Until then!

Ray Gigant – For dungeon-crawler newbies

ray-gigant-opening-screenOr for anyone who likes easy games. If you liked the bland, straightforward, unchallenging dungeons in games like Conception I & II or Mind=Zero, Ray Gigant will be right up your alley. But if you’re looking for the tougher, less-forgiving dungeon RPGs that Experience Inc. is known for – especially if you’re just coming off Stranger of Sword City – this really isn’t the same sort of game.

Too many careless errors in the text.

Spot the careless error, one of hundreds in the game.

I should clear up a little misconception though. I was a little reluctant to start Ray Gigant because I read in a few places that it had a lot of text and reading in it. They made it sound like some kind of Tokyo Majin-like game, i.e. 90% anime high school visual novel with some monsters and brief battles thrown in. It’s nowhere near that bad and not even as talkative as narrative-heavy RPGs like Xenosaga. Every chapter has a brief skit or two, then a dungeon, then another brief skit, then the monster of the day, and on and on till the end of the chapter. As at the 7-hour mark I’d say it’s 20% talking to 80% exploring, but that might change towards the end of the game. In any case if you’re worried you’ll be forced to read and read when you just want to go out and fight, worry no more.

Good for beginners

ray-gigant-ichiya-introductionWith that out of the way, we can now discuss why I say this game is good for newbies/people looking for a lighter dungeon-crawling experience while having very little to offer veterans looking for the expansive dungeons and bone-crunching battles the genre is best known for. Ray Gigant is super user-friendly because:

  • You can retreat from any dungeon at any time.
  • You can 100% escape from all non-boss battles.
  • ray-gigant-evolve-treeYour HP is refilled after every battle.
  • You level up using Seeds found from treasure chests/from bosses, not by defeating enemies. You still have to beat a few enemies to get materia/force stones to strengthen your equipment/abilities, but you get that naturally just by exploring. No need to grind.
  • There are no classes or class changes and stat distribution is automatic.
  • If you change your mind about leveling or learning skills, you can just use Alter/Reverse items to reset your progress.
  • There are no random encounters. All enemy locations are marked out in advance so you can choose the course of least resistance.
  • ray-gigant-mapDungeons are usually very small. And 3 floors is the most I’ve seen so far.
  • A ‘Jam Stone’ found near the end of every dungeon will clarify the whole map, so there’s no need to explore every nook and cranny.
  • Similarly all treasure chests are marked for you so there are no missables.
  • ray-gigant-first-battleThe auto-move option will not only take you directly anywhere you’ve been before, it will also chart a course through the weakest enemies and avoid as many traps as possible. It’s not a bad strategy to head straight for the Jam Stone in any dungeon then use Auto-Move to pick up any treasures you haven’t already gotten.
  • While enemy encounters are ranked “Light,” “Normal” and “Heavy” there’s no difference in their strength, just in the amount of AP it takes to fight them. It’s not one of those dungeon crawlers that have random enemies several levels higher than your party just loitering around waiting to wipe you out *cough Etrian Odyssey *hack* Stranger of Sword City *wheeze*. There’s no penalty for avoiding the Heavy encounters either. If anything your party members will praise you for it.
  • ray-gigant-what-a-cute-lil-foxAllegedly super-powerful Type-I Gigant bosses are not that strong (yet). They can also be countered by a super-powered Slash Beat attack that will knock off 70% or more off their HP if you time it right.
  • There is no money and no enemy drops, there are no stores. Equipment and the few items you have take up no space at all. There’s no inventory system to speak of.
  • You can use free healing foods as long as you have HP. One character in each party will usually come with a group heal spell as well.
  • ray-gigant-starting-partyAttacks use AP, but after 10 turns you switch to Parasitism mode which uses HP to attack instead. This actually makes things much easier because you can spam foods and attacks without limit. Attack with HP, refill HP with food, Attack with HP again, refill HP with food again. As long as you don’t run into a boss that hits very hard (and I haven’t yet after 8 chapters), parasitism is actually better than regular attacking.
  • The game switches perspective between three parties. Each time it switches, their levels go way down and so do the levels of the enemies/dungeons. Which means you will not run into anything challenging at least for the first half of the game where no one’s level can go over 15. What’s more, the new party uses the same skills and attacks as the old one, so you don’t even have to waste brain power on figuring out new strategies and synergies.

White-haired pretty boy with a cool scar and the same powers as the main character? He must be evil!

White-haired pretty boy with a cool scar and the same powers as the main character? He must be evil!

And some other stuff that isn’t coming to mind right now. In short if dungeon crawlers intimidate you because they’re hard and unpredictable with lots of confusing choices to make, or if you just want to ease yourself into the genre, or if you just don’t have the time or energy to wander through large dungeons, I think you’ll enjoy Ray Gigant.

Personally I do have moments when I want to play something simple and less stressful, but at times like that I usually play an otome or simulation game. Even by normal turn-based jRPG standards Ray Gigant is absurdly simple. It’s hard to imagine most gamers being satisfied by this.

…Unless it gets harder as it goes along… Or the story and characters turn out to be really awesome. Which they haven’t at all so far. In fact both are rather bad so far. In fact not “rather,” more like “quite.” Especially the characters. I mean nobody plays a dungeon crawler for the story/characters, but when you take away all the stuff people do play this genre for then you have to fill the hole somehow. I have a feeling this is going to be like Conception/Mind=Zero all over again, but I’m only 7 hours in so I’ll refrain from commenting further. If Ray Gigant ends up blowing my mind you’ll be the first to know.