Sakura Taisen 3 – Erica sorta GET!

sakura-taisen-3-oogami-and-erica-jpgIt’s been almost 8 months since I started Sakura Taisen 3, but today I finally finished it. Shouri no po-zu, kime! Whee! If I had known how close to the end I was when I dropped it, I would have pushed on through and finished it long ago. …Either that or just Youtubed the ending. The later-middle parts of the game were rather sluggish because I had to fight the same 5 bosses I had beaten already all over again.

It’s probably my least favorite feature of the Sakura Taisen games, the way they waste so much time on an early set of bosses who turn out to be nearly inconsequential in the end. In ST3, it turns out the true boss needed us to kill off the earlier bosses so he could use their souls to revive an ancient god sealed underneath the Notre Dame. The ancient god is supposed to help him get revenge on the people of Paris because their ancient ancestors were mean to his ancient ancestors blah di blah. First we beat the crap out of him and his ancient god, then we preach to them about the power of love and lo and behold, they’re converted! Heck, I’d be converted too, if the alternative was another beating ^^;; But anyway, faced with our true love and the bonds of trust we have built up between us (stop me if you’ve heard those before) they decide to disappear/seal themselves away forever and we all live happily ever after, the end.

sakura-taisen-3-erica-and-oogamiOnly it’s not really the end, because first you have to sit through a lengthy epilogue featuring Ichiro “Ladykiller” Oogami and his chosen target. Sakura Taisen 3 has the edge over the previous two games in that it really tries to give you quality time with your lady once you pick her. You get at least two dates and multiple cutscenes/ sequences with just the two of you reaffirming your love for each other. It’s a lot more satisfying than what you get in ST1/2, though that might have a lot to do with me putting Oogami and Kanna together when he really doesn’t want to be with her.

Right: Waifu Left: Concubinu

Right: Waifu
Left: Concubinu

Well too bad, Oogami-san. Not only am I going to pair you with Kanna again when I play Sakura Taisen 4 but also I scuppered your budding romance with Erica by telling her you’ve got “someone special” waiting for you in Tokyo. What? It’s true, isn’t it? I’m going to make sure of it.

And so Erica, being the understanding French woman that she is, says she doesn’t mind being Oogami’s girlfriend just while he’s in Paris. However, when he returns to Tokyo at the end of the game she writes him a letter saying she lied and wants to be his real girlfriend, I’ll wait for you forever Oogami-san etc etc. Come on girl, don’t throw your life away. Just look at that goofy face and dumb haircut. You can do better than this guy. Find yourself a nice beau and settle down, okay? Good girl.

sakura-taisen-3-ericaInconvenient girly crushes aside, the Paris Troupe did manage to build a nice rapport with Mssr. Oogami by the end. It felt pretty natural for the most part, though Hanabi had so little presence in the game it was a little weird whenever she piped up about how wonderful Oogami was. Who are you again? They made a good team on the battlefield and off, and there was plenty of time between chapters to roam the town looking for new events. There’s plenty of time to read your options and pick the best answer, plus you’re usually rewarded for being as kind and polite as possible, which suits my style of play just fine. I was pretty happy with the visual novel portions of ST3.

sakura-taisen-last-chapterThe battles… should have been a tad tougher. Just a tad. It was okay for the game to be easy early on, but endgame bosses like Calamar, Saryu and the borderline NSFW Dernier should have put up more of a fight. Dernier in particular had three different forms but all of them were pushovers. I switched to the Fire formation which doesn’t even let my party heal and relied on Erica’s ougi to refill our HP as needed. Then it was just a matter of whittling down her HP with ougis – ougi, recharge ougi, ougi, recharge until boss dies.

But it’s not really a secret that the the Sakura Taisen games are visual novels first and SRPGs a distant second. Excellently-written visual novels with a surprisingly well-made SRPG aspect to be sure, but VNs nevertheless. So I promise this will be the last time I complain about the lack of challenge in an ST game. I had fun with the new cast of girls (and stopped Oogami from cheating on Kanna), I’m looking forward to getting back to Tokyo (and eventually merging the two casts), we managed to save Paris (after most of it had been destroyed, of course) and all’s well that ends well. Looking forward to the next installment!

Got the third best ending in Atelier Viorate

atelier-viorate-in-her-atelierJust a short little post for closure. Especially since I never finished Atelier Judie, it feels pretty good to get at least some closure in the Gramnad series of Atelier games. This so-called “third best ending” I got for Atelier Viorate has Vio and Bart’s parents moving back to Karotte Village after 5 years and Vio taking off with Eisel to go traveling around the world so she can learn more about alchemy. It’s a short ending scene, but it’s actually animated, which is how you know it’s supposed to be a really good ending. I should be thrilled to be so honored and favored by Gust.

And I am, really. Mostly. It’s hard for me these days to find games I enjoy enough to finish and I thoroughly enjoyed Atelier Viorate. A really good ending would have made it all the better so I was a teensy bit disappointed because in my game, at least, Viorate hardly spent any time at all with Eisel. I maxed out affection from Rodefried, Bart and Roland and got pretty far with other characters like Katharina and Milvis. I’m okay with Viorate going on a journey, but couldn’t it be with someone she actually likes? It’s very sudden and unnatural because this same Viorate adamantly refused to leave Karotte Village at the start of the game, now she just ups and skips town with a virtual stranger? What’s gotten into her? Weird.

At least give me an ending with this guy.

At least give me an ending with this guy.

Also, not related to the quality of the ending but a major peeve nonetheless: because I didn’t get the PSP-only “Sufia ending”, I don’t get to play New Game+ or Unlimited Mode. A proper New Game+ would have let me carry over all my money plus useful synthesized items like my flying boards and bombs so I could hit the ground running. That would have given me the incentive to play for the two better endings, both of which require me to beat some really tough bosses. As it is, the thought of starting over from scratch puts a huge damper on any desire I might have had to replay this game, so I’ll call it a day here.

Final thoughts: Great game, lots of areas to explore, very likeable characters, not too hard for the most part but with some very tough areas for those who want real challenge, not quite as many alchemy recipes as I would have liked but playing with attributes can be interesting, etc etc. I want to say “It scratched my alchemy itch” but that would be a lie – nothing scratches my alchemy itch. I wanna make more stuff now!! But I’m not going to get that satisfaction from Viorate any more, so it’s time to move on.

viorate-eisel-endingWhat I’m playing now: Finally picked up Sakura Taisen 3 where I left off. I picked Erica to be my No. 1 girl (but my heart belongs to you, Kanna!) and headed out to what claims to be the final battle but almost certainly isn’t because I have at least 2 more bosses and one superweapon to defeat. I’ll see what I can do this weekend towards clearing this game once and for all.

I also started Crimson Empire ~Circumstances to Serve a Noble~, partly because I’m curious about the board game & bribery gameplay and partly because I don’t want to blast through all my RPGs and be left with nothing but otome games on my backlog. Contrary to popular belief I do actually like otome games, but in small, occasional doses, like a fattening snack or a decadent dessert. I haven’t played a really good one since…Hanayaka nari Waga Ichizoku last year? Not counting my replay of La Corda d’oro. It’s been too long. Here’s hoping Crimson Empire will be good.

Btw, you might have noticed that I haven’t mentioned the 3DS in a while. There’s, uh, a reason for that but, umm… it’s not a very happy story, so I’ll spare you. I’ll play those games eventually but it’ll happen when it happens, more or less. Until then I still have lots of games in my backlog clamoring for my attention so I’d better get to work.

Atelier Viorate – Alchemy plus shop simulation, so addictive

atelier-viorate-coverLet me get a pet peeve out of the way before I start. This game is called Viorate no Atelier, i.e. Atelier Viorate. VIORATE, not Violet. The main character is called Vi-o-RA-toe. It rhymes with, uh, ‘rat toe’, not ‘separate’ and certainly not ‘violate’. I don’t know where this romanization/anglicization of the name as “Violet” came from, but it has bugged me for years so it’s time to set the record straight. It’s Atelier Viorate, okay? Thanks.

About the Atelier ViorateAlchemist of Gramnad 2– game itself, it’s just your standard alchemy simulation game in the vein of all the other Atelier series games before and after it. I know I’ve played it before on the PS2 many, many, many years ago, but I didn’t remember much about it when I picked it up again on the PSP last week. All I remembered was it was an easier version of Atelier Judie with a shop and a lot of carrots in it. And that’s a pretty accurate summary of the game if you’ve played Judie. If you haven’t, I’ll go into a little more detail below.


atelier-viorate-psp-trailerViorate’s parents want to move out of the downtrodden village of Karotte, but Viorate refuses to go along because there’s no guarantee there’ll be any carrots where they are going. And Viorate looooves her carrots. She decides to stay home and become an alchemist instead under the influence of wandering alchemist Aizel. Now she has three years to set up and run a thriving shop selling synthesized goods before her parents return to whisk her off to parts unknown.

Alchemy gameplay

Standard alchemy game fare. Buy or find books containing alchemy recipes, buy and find ingredients, throw them in a pot according to the recipe and then use or sell whatever comes out. As with Atelier Judie, the quality of the ingredients used has a big effect on the resulting item. In other games either one item has a single effect or the difference in effects comes from substitute ingredients or reagents used. In Judie/Viorate it’s all about the raw materials. Use really good candles and you’ll get really good bombs. Use really good cheese and you’ll get really good cheesecake. Simple enough to understand.

atelier-viorate-alchemyOf course there’s a catch: how do you get the best ingredients? If you’re lucky you can find them in the wilds, but can you get them back to your atelier before they go bad? Well, unlike in Judie, you usually can. The original Viorate on the PS2 slowed down the rate of decay from Judie and then the PSP remake relaxed the freshness system even further, so it’s much less stressful and frustrating than in the previous game.

But still, after you get the ingredients home and make an item, how do you stop that from going bad? Simple, you just build a handy-dandy icebox right in your studio and presto, no more trouble. No more traveling halfway around the continent to access the only cold storage in the world. Alternatively you can “register” certain items with other alchemy shops around the continent so they can produce your Leheruns and Flams and Spinaches and other items at the same level of quality as the sample you gave them. So for very fragile items you can carry the non-perishable ingredients to the closest pub (you can synthesize in pubs too, don’t ask me how), go foraging for the ingredients, make the goods and then register them on the spot for optimum freshness. Super convenient.

atelier-viorate-shop-registryLong story short, Atelier Viorate’s alchemy system has all the fun and complexity of the conventional Atelier alchemy systems but with much less of the frustration Judie introduced. My only little complaint so far is that there aren’t that many items to make. And if you’ve played other Atelier games, most of them aren’t original either. But I haven’t even finished my first 3 years and gotten my 2-year extension yet, so there’s still time to get more recipes and raw materials.

Shop simulation

As far as I know, not having played the PS3 games, the shop system is unique to Atelier Viorate (apart from the useless gimmick in Atelier Annie). It’s a stretch to call it a ‘robust’ shop simulation, it’s certainly not deep enough or addictive enough to make it worth spending time on versus being out on the road foraging and fulfilling quests. And since she can rope trusted associates into manning the store for up to 3 months at a time, Viorate’s only job is to fill the shelves with random stuff and then go roam the world until she gets bored.

atelier-viorate-storeWell okay, it’s not quite as simple as that. The success of Viorate’s store determines whether your game will end in failure after 3 years or whether you’ll get an extra 2 years to play. Furthermore, the better the store does, the more people come to visit Karotte Village and the better the village gets, the more stores and other facilities open up for your convenience. Plus money is pretty hard to come by in this game, so the little you get from the store really helps. Either way you ignore the store management system to your own detriment.

I sell mostly foods and rare goods and get along okay.

I sell mostly foods and rare goods and get along okay.

So what exactly can you do? First, stock quality items in your store. You will lose customers if you have a lot of spoiled, broken or low quality items in stock. Duh. It also helps to carry a variety – some food, some medicine, some weapons, but you can specialize in a few categories instead if it’s too much trouble. Secondly you can go around the surrounding towns and villages doing quests at the local pubs to promote your store. It’s probably the fastest way to grab customers and the most Atelier-like as well.

Third, it also helps a lot to take part in the yearly village auction, especially if you win. You can get over 100 extra visitors that way, and since your goal is only 500, that’s a big boost. Lastly, probably least important but most lucrative, you can take advantage of fads or ‘booms’ to move a lot of products quickly. One sneaky way to do this is to synthesize the fad item as soon as the boom starts and then register it with your local store. Then you can buy it, mark it up at a premium and make lots of cash, money and moolah, suh-weet.


Your store display changes to reflect what you have in stock.

None of that requires you to be in the store yourself, though. Unless you’re really into shop simulation games (in which case you should play something else) it’s best to put some decent items in your store and then focus on driving custom by fulfilling quests. If you can get some good business going from the Karotte Village and Fasbender pubs (tip: sell the free Fasbender booze for quick money) and participate in all three auctions, that should be enough to get the 500 visitors you need to clear the 3-year time limit.

That means the store management part of Atelier Viorate can be thought of more as a mandatory side quest or minigame rather than a main attraction. It’s not annoying or tedious and doesn’t take anything away from the game. I’m not convinced it adds anything either, especially given how easy it is to ignore, but it works in the context of this particular game and Gust had the good sense not to carry it forward into other games, so we’ll leave it at that.

Battles and exploration

atelier-viorate-random-battle-1Foraging is just going around picking up items off the ground. However there are field obstacles that you’ll need alchemy items to get around if you want to get to the really good stuff. For example you might find a big pool of water in your way. You can fly over it with a flying broom, or dive under it with an air drop, or freeze it over with a Leherun bomb, it’s all up to you. Can be frustrating early on when you don’t have any of this stuff, otherwise it’s just a minor inconvenience later on in the game.

Combat is standard turn-based random battles with a 3-member party. You get 1 skill point on level up to improve your battle skills. Apart from that and buying equipment there isn’t much party customization to do. Almost everyone is useful so just pick whichever character you like. I usually use a combination of Brigit, Roland, Rodfried and Bart.

atelier-viorate-random-battle-2For the first few dungeons you can get by pretty well with your starting equipment. After that store-bought equipment will carry you for a while, especially if you’ve strengthened some good skills by that point. Eventually though, you’re going to want to craft custom armor and weapons with buffs and protections and status effects. E.g. fire protection will come in handy when fighting a fire boss and LP-draining weapons are always useful.

As alchemists, Viorate and Aizel can also use powerful healing items and bombs to carve a path through enemies like a hot knife through butter. And they will, just as soon as I actually get round to crafting some of those things. I will, I really will, one of these days. Right now I’m still scraping by on whatever I can cobble together from the leftovers in my foraging basket after fulfilling quests. But I’ll get round to making good stuff, really I will.

Overall impressions of Atelier Viorate
Obligatory "Kyaa~ Oniichan, you pervert!" scene.

Obligatory “Kyaa~ Oniichan, you pervert!” scene.

I’m not done yet, but I’m having a great time. It’s been a very long time since I played a PSP game for so long that my wrists started to hurt. A long time since I moved one aching wrist only to realize the battery light was flashing and then plugged the PSP in and kept right on playing until it was fully charged again. I’d almost forgotten that feeling, I’ve been playing so many lackluster games lately.

It’s great to explore new areas and fight new enemies, barely making it out alive only to heal up and dive right back in again. I like all the playable and non-playable characters without exception, I enjoy the alchemy system especially when I get a new recipe, it’s exciting to see Karotte Village develop from backwater boonies to thriving town based on my efforts alone, etc etc. There’s plenty to like about Atelier Viorate.

There are only a few minuses to the game. For one, I feel like the scale of the game is a bit small. There are several field areas to explore, which I’m grateful for, but a lot of areas are walled off until you can create higher-level items, by which time you can’t even remember where you couldn’t go before. Plus the continent feels a little empty of people. The towns and villages you visit aren’t lively and don’t feature any interesting NPCs or extra activities to do. No wonder your parents emigrated.

"...What are you covering up for? Silly oniichan~"

“…What are you covering up for? Silly oniichan~”

Second complaint, there aren’t enough alchemy recipes! The flams are there, but where are the mega flams and giga flams and other familiar world-destroying goodies? I think I already mentioned this earlier in this review, but it’s a pretty big deal in an alchemy game. Maybe I’ll luck upon some more recipes as I explore dungeons and defeat bosses.

Last complaint: I find playing around with item attributes tedious. I want to make lots of different items instead of making one beer that does X and the same beer again that does Y this time, and the same beer a third time until I get a useful effect from it. It’s good for the perfectionist who wants to make the perfect honey and the perfect handmade paper and stuff. And it does offer great game-breaking potential once you fit several great effects onto a single item and then mass-produce it, buuuutt…. In this particular case I prefer quantity over quality, is all I’m saying.

Still, all that only slightly affects the fun I’m having with Viorate and co. After all, it’s not like I’ve made all the items I have access to, and there’s so much of the map I haven’t explored yet that I don’t even know where to start. I haven’t cleared out the thief’s hideout, I haven’t explored the sea tower, I haven’t entered Vestrich Navel, I haven’t gone through the long tunnel that’s supposed to lead to another city, I haven’t cleared the swamp across the river, phew! That two-year extension might barely be enough to scratch the surface of all those things. Depending on the ending I get and the things I get to carry over, I might be tempted to do a replay of Atelier Viorate once I’m done. See you then!

Kamisama to Koigokoro – No suitable suitors

kamisama to koigokoro coverI can’t remember whether I mentioned that I was playing this otome game or not, but I’ve been struggling to get into it for at least two months, maybe more. I finally gave up. It’s not worth the hassle, not when I have at least 100 other otome games in my backlog with more coming out every month.

Kamisama to Koigokoro is the story of an apprentice nun who lives in an orphanage/boarding school. Her name is not important, she’s just a generic otome heroine, so we’ll just call her Nun. One day her Mother Superior tells her that they’re getting three exchange students, three priests-in-training who are causing so much trouble at their original school that they’ve been sent over to Nun’s school for 3 months in the hopes that they will magically reform themselves somehow. Ha. What a forlorn hope. But transferring trouble-making “priests” instead of disciplining them seems to be a longstanding tradition, so we’ll just roll with it.

Anyway, their names aren’t important either, so let’s call them Jerk A, Jerk B and Jerk C. You can see them on the cover along with Nun’s childhood friend Jerk D and the childhood friend’s playboy pal Jerk E. It doens’t matter which is which, they’re all jerks. The childhood friend is the only slightly non-jerky one, and right from the start you can tell he has massive daddy issues, not sure I want to go there. In fact I definitely don’t want to go there, which is why Kamisama to Koigokoro was dead in the water for me pretty quickly.

kamisama-to-koigokoro-plantingBtw, if you’re a fan of the “forbidden love” kind of game and think you would get a kick out of seducing “priests” or whatever, you’re outta luck. Kamisama to Koigokoro is very vague on what denomination or even what religion the characters follow, but whichever one it is, it is one that allows the clergy to marry so there’s no problem there. One of your love interests is even the son of the vicar or whatever. Really, it’s just your typical high school otome game with the ‘religion’ gimmick added just for kicks. Anyone looking for a serious treatment of Western/pseudo-Western religion in Japan is advised to keep looking.

I had a bit of hope for this one because it supposedly has stat-raising gameplay. I say supposedly because while you do get to pick a stat to raise every week, you pick once and then so many skits and talking events take place that you forget what you even picked in the first place. Even worse, it’s not like the skits are that interesting or exciting either, they all follow a predictable pattern.

kamisama-to-koigokoro-jerks-a-b-cUp to the point where I quit, a typical event went like this: Jerks A, B and C are being jerks. Do you
a) Scold them,
b) Ignore them or
c) Join them?

“Join them” seems to be the correct answer most of the time. It will get them to like you more, but it won’t make them any less jerkish. I started ignoring them after a while, which also doesn’t make them any better but rather seems to be hastening my slide towards the bad end. Why is it MY job to reform these losers instead of the Mother Superior’s or the Priest in charge’s? They’re always leaving Nun to take care of the jerks and then blaming her when things go wrong, it’s just not fair. No wonder I quit.kamisama-to-koigokoro-statsFurthermore it’s not really clear what the stats you pick have to do with anything. How is watering plants going to get me any closer to the man of my dreams, who doesn’t event exist in this game? Are there any alternative life paths for Nun since she clearly isn’t going to find any good man here, or is she stuck with a bad end if she doesn’t date anyone, even though in theory her goal is supposed to be becoming a full-fledged nun? I didn’t stick around long enough to find out so you’ll just have to guess. I hope you can get some other endings, like maybe you’ll become a botanist if you stick with the gardening long enough, or a professor if you study hard enough. I mean, if you thought you needed a man to succeed in life, you wouldn’t have become a nun in the first place, right? But as I said, the guys were too unpleasant and the stat-raising was too sporadic and inconsequential to make it worth my while to finish the game so… yeah. On to better games!

Granblue Fantasy – Passed level 90

granblue-fantasy-current-level-91I’m level 91 and 9/10ths, to be precise. I only have about 20000 EXP to 92, but that will have to wait till next time. “Wait, next time?” you say. “I thought you dropped Granblue Fantasy!” you say. I did indeed, but it turns out I can be lured back pretty easily by any event that includes the words “Unknown weapons”, “Half AP” or “Free rolls.” So I’ve been playing semi-seriously since the Idolmaster collaboration event a few weeks ago. I got junk and 2 R characters from the free rolls this time, unlike last time when I made out like a bandit but free stuff is still free stuff.

Of course what this means is that now the free stuff event is over, so is my participation in this game until the next Half AP/free roll event. That will probably be around Christmas, roughly 6 weeks from now. Until then I’m back on a Grindblue fast. But before that, a progress report! Lookie lookie at my wind grind:

granblue-fantasy-level-91-wind-gridCheck out dem skill levels~ All I need now is to raise my Bahamut Dagger skill level to 10 and farm up a Cosmos Gun to replace the SR weapon (not going to happen, I hate camping for Grand Order raids) and I’m all set until HL at level 101. Sure I still have to limit-break all those guns first and going on hiatus isn’t going to help with that, but if I hit the next few magnafests with the seriousness I applied to this one, that should also be done before I hit 101.

I added four guns in this session (2 from the renown shop) + 2 Yggdrasil swords + 2 Leviathan daggers + 2 Colossus staffs + 1 Celeste axe. That’s not counting the many SSR and SR weapons that were sacrificed to form this grid. And I still have about 100 full elixirs, 350 half elixirs, 150 soul balms and 570+ soul berries to tackle future events with. As an added bonus, the newfound strength of my wind team made beating Yggdrasil Omega pathetically easy (wow, look at me boast, I sure wasn’t boasting when Luminoxi Genesi was wiping the floor with me), leading to a promising earth grid:

granblue-interim-earth-gridI have a 6th sword but the Ygg staff is level 100 and that one is only level 40 so it’s going to stay out of the grid for a while. I’ll need to get a better main hand and level up my Ygg Omega summon before I can really get the earth show on the road, but things are looking pretty good on this front too.

Other achievements of the past three weeks or so:

Cleared the story up to chapter 62-4, the infamous Akasha fight. I haven’t even tried it yet, I know I’m not ready. Leviathan Malice and Mithra Malice went down pretty easy once I got the idea to try sicc’ing my Wind team on them instead of being obsessed with element matching. Just beat up Leviathan normally but not before storing up enough ougi to wipe out Mithra’s circle in the very first turn. Piece of cake.

granblue-earth-teamMLB’d all the omegas with ease. Yes, that includes Leviathan, Colossus, Celeste and Luminiera Omega. The last two require you to go according to the “rules” of their AI, which can be found fairly easily online if you look hard enough. For Luminiera I used the Morphe & Phoebe strategy outlined in this video, using SSR Eugen to draw hits away from the twins.

It takes about 20 minutes on average for a weakling like me but unless you’re astronomically unlucky it’s pretty much foolproof. It worked so well that I used a similar strategy to take down Colossus Omega, with Silva more than making up for the damage loss from being unable to ougi with Morphe & Phoebe. Celeste Omega gives me the most trouble because if weak and squishy SR Katalina gets squashed it’s pretty much over. I usually get away with MVP first though.

Leviathan Omega is the easiest. Nope, I haven’t found a way to survive Perilous Tidefall. What I do is take in my Wind team at strike time. The charge attack blast + hopefully 5 turns of skills and physical attacks usually get him (her?!) down to around 60%. Feena and Sutera have an attack null spell so with any luck Perilous Tidefall hits them instead. Even if I do lose 2 party members, I get fresh replacements with full charge attack bars, enough for another blast before I call for help. My life got a lot easier once I realized you don’t actually have to beat omegas to MVP them. 50% is enough, and during magfest even 55-60% will usually do. Thanks to all that, I usually capped renown within 2 or 3 days every week.


Prepare to meet your manufacturer, Colossus!

Picked up 3 Unknown weapons: 2 MLB Fire Axes and 1 FLB Earth Axe from the Idolmaster collab events. I don’t feel like they’ve made much difference to my strength so far, but they’re both low skill level and stuck in weak grids so it’s hard to tell.

Got closer to getting a GW character: My Wind team still has space for a heavy attacker, so I’m half-heartedly working on GW character Seofon. I already awakened the Seven-Star Sword and element-changed it to fire (for all the good it did me). The Half AP story quests helped me get almost all the weapons and Mithra anima I need to upgrade the Shack for the next step in the process. I just need one or two more rare weapons plus about 150,000 rupies to complete the process then it’s all grind grind grind till I have enough mats to finish the process.

Mastered all standard classes and two Extra classes: I finished Rows 1-4 and mastered Samurai and Ninja… wait I think I mastered Ninja, not sure. I’m working on Alchemist now. After that I have access to Gunslinger or Mystic. Might just be my imagination, but EX classes kinda suck…

Mission accomplished.

Mission accomplished.

-Got 4 new SSRs during the Premium Gala: I got nothing but junk in the previous legfest and in the free Spooky Special rolls, but this Premium Gala made up for that. Yngwie, Agielba, Arulumaya and Nemone. I might have uses for all of them too. I’m going to try Yngwie instead of Summer Narumaya in my main water team, and my fire team also seriously lacks firepower so Agielba might help with that. The last two earth ladies I haven’t really tested out but I only have one other Earth SSR so they’ll have to do.

Finished all co-op quests: Another source of easy crystals gone :-< But at least I got all the trophies I need to unlock EX classes. And now I can get into all those level 90-only co-op rooms, and not only get in but actually contribute and even MVP sometimes. Yay for progress!

Also I was told this very early on and didn’t listen, but I’ll tell you straight: you really should do all your co-op dailies if at all possible. Co-op sucks and is pretty easy to forget about, but you’ll thank yourself later when you need 70 blue crystals for a GW character and 100,000 rupies each to 5* Amira and Yuel ;__; I was warned and I didn’t listen. Don’t be like me.

And so, with those parting words of advice, it’s time to shelve GBF for another couple of weeks while I work on other stuff that may or may not include video games. Adieu Granblue until Christmas!