I was going to write my thoughts on the Project Octopath Traveler demo…

…But just this morning Square-Enix released a video where they address all the complaints I had (slow travel, dull colors, poor visibility… they even made it harder to save over your files like I accidentally did with my Olberic clear) and then some. So I’ve got nothing to say except I’m really looking forward to the full game coming out later this year. I really liked the soundtrack, the battle system is a more exciting version of Bravely Default’s and the stories are really interesting. Will Primrose ever get revenge on the three crows?

The only thing I still have mixed feelings about is the idea of eventually forming a party. It might be because of my recent fondness for Action RPGs, but I quite enjoyed being a one-man army in the demo. Right up to the point where the Brigand boss killed me on Olberic’s route, hehe. Even then a little bit of grinding and some equipment problems were enough to solve the problem. “Turn-based” doesn’t have to mean “piss-easy.” Still encounters do drag on a bit when you’re alone so maybe a party won’t be so bad after all. In any case Octopath Traveler is a day one buy for me no matter when it comes out. Looking forward to it!

Updates on the other stuff I’m playing:

Raidou Kuzunoha – Reached chapter 8, about to enter Dark Sakuradayama or whatever it’s called. The place with the tall tower everyone keeps making snide remarks about. The antagonists’ motivations have been largely revealed but there are still a few questions to be revealed like what role Kaya plays in all this and what Narumi is up to behind the scenes. I estimate I’m 2/3rd of the way through now.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – MEH. I’d made up my mind not to comment until I reached the 10-hour mark (4 hours in now) and maybe I should stick to it. Right now I’m having to adjust the camera all the time and it’s severely affecting my ability to enjoy exploration the way I wanted to. It might be better for me to come back once I’m better used to both the controls and the battle system. I’m seeing signs that this will be like the first game though, where I loved the exploration and sidequests and was kinda iffy on everything else. We’ll talk more once I’ve played more.

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