Finished OreShika – Thoughts, tips and spoilers

I finished OreShika last year, oh so long ago. Ancient history, practically. Or whatever it is we call December 31st 2017 these days. I would have written something earlier, but I wanted to get revenge on a boss named Tokasen first. Unfortunately, due to the way OreShika works, bosses get shuffled around the dungeons regularly […]

OreShika update – How do you solve a problem like Nueko? (spoilers)

Last time I said I’d seen enough of OreShika and wanted to try something new. I spent the rest of that day trying to think of what else I’d like to play, but my thoughts kept coming back to OreShika. The art, the music, the atmosphere, all the things I’d left undone and unsaid. I’m […]

OreShika early thoughts – The complainers have a point

I say “early thoughts” because I’m only on my second in-game festival, but I’ve been playing for at least 10 hours. I am also well and truly stuck until I can take Nueko to the festival in June (it’s now March) so this is a good time to pause and dash off a few thoughts […]

Ore no Shikabane wo Koete yuke – le bon et le mal

Who this game is for – People who really like dungeon crawlers. Like, really, really like them. – People with at least 20 hours to devote to the game, usually more. – People who are tired of always “saving the world”. – People who are tired of playing as the usual plucky kid with his […]

Ore no Shikabane wo Koete yuke – tips for speedy success

Ore no Shikabane wo Koete yuke is a unique game in a number of ways, but it has one thing in common with other dungeon crawlers: it gets tedious! Even as a big fan of the game there were moments near the end when I seriously considered giving up. I was playing and playing and […]