I declare Rune Factory 4 “finished”. It was killing my buzz

I haven’t gone anywhere, I haven’t been playing anything other than Rune Factory 4, just trying to unlock that elusive final event. No dice. The event isn’t unlocking and RF4 is blocking the way so I can’t start something else. Putting story-critical events on a random trigger was a terrible, terrible idea. I’ve been playing RPGs for decades and I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anything quite so motivation-sapping before. Especially in an otherwise excellent game.

In a bad game I would have quit without a second thought, but here I keep playing and playing and playing… I can’t even enjoy the events I do trigger because I’m waiting for “the one,” it’s so sad. What’s worse is I’ve had a good run of games going since the start of the year, playing everything smartish and sharpish, and now it feels like I’ve been bogged down in mire for the past three weeks. But enough, this ends here.

No reviewish type writings for Rune Factory 4 this time. For one thing, despite the title, I don’t really consider myself finished. I haven’t beaten the final dungeon and I haven’t forged, fished or cooked enough to be satisfied with stopping here. Yet stop here I must, before I lose all motivation to play anything else.

And because I’m not satisfied with the way the last few hours have played out, I don’t think I can write anything fair or objective about RF4, nor do I even want to attempt to do so… nor am I known for my fairness and objectivity in the first place, come to think of it… Anyway, I can’t be bothered. I just want to play some other stuff for a while and maybe come back to this later.

Next up… I don’t even want to play anything any more… Wahh… Umm, on the 3DS I still have Legend of Legacy and Dragon Quest VII to play. And some other stuff on the DS and PSP and PS2. I’ll pick something and start, maybe tomorrow. Wahhh…

Update: Of course, a few hours after I posted this, the “Memories” event finally triggered. Tip to anyone having trouble unlocking Rune Prana, just whine about it on your blog and the game will see the error of its ways. ;-p Alternatively you can raise Dylas & Amber’s affections to 7, stick them in your party and sleep day after day after day until they get tired of watching you snore and run off to the flower shop. Then you can tail them secretly and eavesdrop on their conversation to set the event in motion. At last. I’m not even happy, but I’ll take it.

2 thoughts on “I declare Rune Factory 4 “finished”. It was killing my buzz

  1. K says:

    You really got “100h if you are fast, biatch” Dragon Quest VII, considering your track record with games by Square Enix? If there is one game you can sum up with the word “hubris”, it’s DQ7 really xD

    • Kina says:

      It’s a leap of faith. After all, I’m 50-50 with DQ games. I liked 4 and 5 a lot and disliked 6 and 9 but still made it to the last dungeon. Consider VII the tie-breaker.

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