Finished Shin Atelier Rorona – Glad I played it

By “finished” I mean I successfully completed all of the king’s assignments in Shin Atelier Rorona, not that I’ve done everything the game has to offer. After the credits and the ending rolled I was offered an extra year to do some forging and foraging and stuff. I’ll save it for next time I need […]

La Corda d’Oro – Tsukimori Len GET!

And with that I can say goodbye to La Corda d’Oro (at least for now), not because it has done anything wrong but because I’m ready to see what La Corda d’Oro 2 has to offer. I’m mostly interested in the new songs, because I’m a little tired of MC’s current repertoire. You can only […]

La Corda d’Oro – Shimizu GET!

I don’t often replay games, but after a recent string of disappointments I wanted to play something I knew I’d like. And I almost had it right with La Corda d’Oro too. The gameplay is still as involving as ever and I love classical music as much as ever. I just made a slight mistake […]

Miss Princess (Mispri!) – For younger fans

Miss Princess is an otome game from Ruby Party and Koei-Tecmo based on a shoujo manga by Seizuki Madoka. It’s aimed at a slightly younger crowd than most otome games, probably with the hope of getting tweens and younger girls into otome games in order to expand the market and maybe open the way for […]