Brief updates on Operation Abyss, Fire Emblem Echoes and Hatsukare Renai Debut Sengen

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy: Just about to hit what I hope/believe is the last stretch. 39 hours, party level of approximately 20 so not much progress from last time. I thought for sure I had almost 100,000GP to my name, but when I reloaded it turned out I had around 1,000…ehh? What did I do with the money? I must have bought… something. I can’t remember.

So anyway, buying a Squeaky Hammer was out. I scraped some cash together and bought the JA Squeaky Hammer, but I don’t have the Genome IV necessary to forge the weapon yet. I guess Operation Abyss will have to remain unbroken for just a little while longer. Though to be honest it’s so easy anyway that breaking it would be overkill.

Hatsukare Renai Debut Sengen: Don’t feel like making a separate post for this, but I did get Natori Shunichiro’s happy ending just the other day. He’s a nice guy and his parents are loaded, so it’s a good match all around. It was just annoying to read all these funny game references and see them flying clean over Yui’s head again and again. Shun is portrayed as a weirdo that only a saint could love, and that saint just happens to be Yui.

But riddle me this: if gaming is such a niche and shunned hobby in Japan, who is buying all those millions of copies of Dragon Quest and Pokemon? Who has been lining up for yards to buy a Nintendo Switch? And just who does Furyu expect to buy Hatsukare? Maybe they should think through their characterization a little harder next time.

I did a partway save of Aoto’s route while I was at it, but he’s a stuckup little twerp. So disrespectful when talking to his sempai, like she’s inferior to him or something. I know his gimmick is that he’s trying to be tougher than he really is, but he comes across as so rude and arrogant that I’ve completely lost interest.

On the other hand I gave the eviljerk teacher a bit of a chance and he’s… intriguing me. He seems to know Yui from somewhere. As long as he doesn’t turn out to be one of those Forgotten Childhood Friends JRPGs and anime like so much. I’ll save him for another time.

Oh, and I got Kakeru’s friend ending too. Friend ending are easy, you just talk to the guys every time a star icon pops up and presto. The only problem is it makes the happy ending seem a little shallow. Because you spend all afternoon at the festival with your best friend, then when evening comes you act all like “I just got here” and go around seeing the sights again like it’s your first time. Yui-chan, you two-timer!Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia It’s easy to forget, but my original plan was to blast through Operation Abyss quickly and then turn my attention to FE: Echoes. To that end I only dabbled in FE briefly when it first came out and put it away. Recently I started feeling like I’ve been playing Operation Abyss for way too long, so I pulled the 3DS out again. But I can’t seem to get back into FE.

After the simplicty of OA it’s kind of a pain to move all the characters one by one and hit the enemies one by one. Where’s Suicide Attack III when you need it? And my villagers are so weak, but the SRPG player in me can’t bring myself to class them up before they hit the cap. Arghhh. I’m going to dabble a little harder henceforth and try to make some headway this week. Not sure I like the roaming dungeons very much, but maybe they’ll grow on me.

I’m at the point where I’m supposed to rescue some Lady Clair or something from some bad guys at an outpost. Will post again when I finish that first world map with the two generals on it.

8 thoughts on “Brief updates on Operation Abyss, Fire Emblem Echoes and Hatsukare Renai Debut Sengen

  1. K says:

    It’s a tough lot in life to date a rich ikemen who’s an… otaku! The humanity!

    And go for the teacher. He’s like, what, 28 already? If you have no love for the gramps, whoever else would?

    Your reasoning to not play FE much at the moment is exactly how I feel about most SRPGs all the time. I know that there is technically no difference between fighting one out of a dozen large scale battles for 30 minutes, or having to go through a 30 minute dungeon out of a dozen. But I just can’t get into the slowness of preparing your troops, fighting one long battle where you have to consider positioning and all that jazz etc. instead of just quickly mashing through a bunch of random encounters. I lack the attention span.

    • Kina says:

      28!!! He should be in an old people’s home by now :DDD
      Usually I love SRPGs and don’t care about the slowness. It’s just really noticeable when you go from a faster paced game to an SRPG, takes a bit of adjusting. Like when I went from Nayuta -> Stella Glow, I wanted to just run over and slash the boss for the first couple of battles, then I was fine.

  2. ogopogo says:

    did you check the lab? There’s an option to put your money into the bank or something along that line.

    • Kina says:

      I’ve never used that option. I do a lot of crafting and buy a lot of items, so I suspect that’s where the money disappeared to.

  3. Verranicus says:

    In Echoes it’s actually best to change classes ASAP unlike other entries in the series. Don’t try to get your villagers to 20.

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