Fire Emblem Echoes – I liberated Zofia Castle. You can thank me now.

As promised, I’m here to report my early thoughts on Fire Emblem Echoes after finishing Act 1. Umm, well… It’s Fire Emblem all right. It was a bit tough getting into it when my party members were all so weak, but now they’ve toughened up a lot. I even managed to promote Gray to Mercenary […]

Fire Emblem Shin Monshou no Nazo – Casual Mode for life!

Now that I have finally experienced the joys of Casual Mode Fire Emblem, I am never playing Classic Mode again. Ever! It is seriously not worth the annoyance and frustration. In fact I marvel at my initial negative reaction when I heard of casual mode. “No perma-death?! What a travesty! It shouldn’t even be an […]