Still plugging away at Operation Abyss

38 hours gone, probably another 15-20 left to go. There’s a level cap of 15 in the first part of Operation Abyss which gets lifted when you reach the second part (apparently two games were smooshed into one to create what we now have). Because of that a lot of the EXP I earned in the middle of the game went to waste so I’m only level 19 now. Boo…

Nothing new to report on the gameplay front. It’s very… standard. My samurai has one skill she uses, my warrior has his one skill, my knight spams Aegis for tough battles and Providence for easy ones, priest is on standby or heal, academic uses Brain Spire non-stop, wizard concentrates and nukes and nukes and nukes again. Very… standard, as I said. I’m trying to avoid using the word “repetitive” and I seem to have succeeded.

I’d love it if I could shake things up with some new weapons and armor at least. The loot is what I’m playing this game for anyway. But good drops are the rarest of the rare and even if you find something good, it doesn’t mean you can wear it. It might have a level lock, or an alignment lock, or a class lock, and on and on and on.

Luckily the game has given me three “Gamble Code” items which can be used to turn low level items into higher level ones. Or so they claim. I haven’t tried it yet but I will, right after I finish this quick non-update.

My most useful character is samurai Satsuki with her Quick Slash attack, plus she has a Level Pass item that lets her equip powerful stuff. If I can gamble my way to broken items for her to dual-wield… Eh… But… that would ruin the fun. Which is why I haven’t done it yet. But I will, so I can finish this quicker and move on to something else.

Besides, I’m itching to know what happens next in the story. Not super super itching, but pretty curious nonetheless. My party has been framed for something or the other (can’t remember what) and now we’re on the run (but we still go to school every day) but now we’re on the verge of exposing the true villain. After making our way through a dungeon first, of course. Of course.

It’s gotten to the point where I actually see the dungeons as an obstacle in the way of my progressing the story. Which feels kind of wrong, like the story should be the one I want to get out of the way quickly, not the dungeons. As long as I’m enjoying something, right?

See you when I’m done with this game, whenever that will be.

4 thoughts on “Still plugging away at Operation Abyss

  1. ogopogo says:

    If you want to break the balance of the game, you can use the pico hammer in the shop and gamblecoe it into a MURAMASA like you’ve planned by doing an obscene amount of save loading. Although I’d probably keep at least one pico hammer because off-hand pico hammer is really broken too. (The shop sell one already made, and a blueprint for another one)

    • Kina says:

      I have juuust enough money get the ready-made and the blueprint. But do I really want to break the game? Yes, yes I do. Off I go, then!

  2. Leonardo says:

    MURAMASA is op indeed. Samurai wasnt THAT big in Demon Gaze but its very powerful here. Huh, idk, i still think this is the weakest Exp Inc games but it was still fun. Are you getting any of the PC Atelier games?

    • Kina says:

      I certainly am. First Sophie and if I like it, Firis. Before that, though, I want to play Shin Atelier Rorona on the 3DS. For no other reason except I’ve been wanting to play Rorona for at least 5 years.

      It seems Experience can’t decide how to balance Samurai properly. They’re really strong here, weak in Entaku no Seito, weak in Demon Gaze and then really strong again in Stranger of Sword City. And in the next game they’ll be….?!

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