I know that feel

That feel where you’re not enjoying what you’re playing but are too lazy and stubborn to give it up and start something new… Luckily enough, powering through the boring bits of Operation Abyss seems to have worked and I’m slowly starting to enjoy myself. I think the turning point was hitting level 6 and getting powerful new spells for my Wizard so I could blast through battles at a much faster rate. The rest of my team is much stronger too, which means I can explore for long periods of time without always feeling the urge to back out and save.

So yeah, Operation Abyss isn’t that boring, I guess. And it only took me one month to realize it, woo hoo! You can look forward to a “this game is sugoi!” kind of post next time… maybe. This was just a “Sorry to disappoint you but I’m still alive” update. See you guys in a bit!

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