Territoire demo – Not my cup of tea

Territoire is a will-totally-come-out-one-day-we-swear game from EasyGameStation, makers of Recettear and Chantelise and some other cutesy stuff I haven’t played. A demo has been out since 2010-ish and the game itself will probably be released sometime before judgment day, but I’m not holding my breath. Even if it does come out I’m not sure I’ll […]

Haretari Kumottari N – Not bad for a free game

I’ll start by giving out a link to the developer’s website where you can download this game and try it for yourself…HERE. It doesn’t need installing. Unzip, play, delete when tired. Haretari Kumottari N (Sometimes it’s Sunny, Sometimes it’s Cloudy N) is billed as an adventurer sim. Having played it, however, it comes across as […]

Recettear – Finished!

Well, finished everything except for Crystal Nightmare, that is. Doing suicide runs with Louie is more stressful than fun, and the rewards aren’t that great anyway. I hate games with poor item drops, they just stress me out. But anyway, I spent quite a bit of the New Year playing Recettear – An Item Shop’s […]