Rakuen Seikatsu Hitsuji Mura – Play 5 minutes, wait 5 hours.

I’m going to be referring to this game as ‘Shepherd’s Crossing’ a lot, simply because ‘Hitsuji Mura’ is the Japanese name of the Shepherd’s Crossing games, just like Bokujou Monogatari is the Japanese name for Harvest Moon. Rakuen Seikatsu Hitsuji Mura is Success’ second attempt at making an online Shepherd’s Crossing game after the first […]

Game progress report

In alphabetical order: Adventure Bar Story – 13 hours and 58 minutes. It’s gotten old. I haven’t unlocked any new recipes or dungeons in a while and I’m too stubborn to look at a FAQ. Cook the same dishes, buy the same items, visit the same dungeons, fight the same monsters. I’ll give it another […]

Territoire demo – Not my cup of tea

Territoire is a will-totally-come-out-one-day-we-swear game from EasyGameStation, makers of Recettear and Chantelise and some other cutesy stuff I haven’t played. A demo has been out since 2010-ish and the game itself will probably be released sometime before judgment day, but I’m not holding my breath. Even if it does come out I’m not sure I’ll […]

Haretari Kumottari N – Not bad for a free game

I’ll start by giving out a link to the developer’s website where you can download this game and try it for yourself…HERE. It doesn’t need installing. Unzip, play, delete when tired. Haretari Kumottari N (Sometimes it’s Sunny, Sometimes it’s Cloudy N) is billed as an adventurer sim. Having played it, however, it comes across as […]