Where to find all the Lineage Types and Butterflies in Stranger of Sword City

I finally finished my barebones walkthrough of Entaku no Seito, which made me feel all dungeon-crawly, which reminded me that Stranger of Sword City came out in English recently on the Vita and XBox One (Update: I’m replaying it myself now, this is a good chance to check whether the FAQs were right). Since it’s […]

Ring ☆ Dream – Do you like busty women?

Don’t bother answering. Success has already decided that you do, that’s why they’ve made Ring ☆ Dream, a game full of scantily-clad “pro-wrestling” ladies for your viewing pleasure: Ring ☆ Dream was the surprise hit of the whole Hangame x Success campaign for me. I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy a game about collecting pictures […]