“Finished” Granblue Fantasy at level 103 + a few tips

I’m probably not cut out to play one game forever, especially not one as time-consuming as Granblue Fantasy, so I’ve been looking for a good end point for the past twenty levels or so. I heard someone refer to level 101+ as Granblue’s “endgame” and it clicked. Endgame… end game… end the game! I’m a […]

Games I quit early, 2016 edition

Time for another edition of games that sucked too much to even blog about. Past editions: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 (there was no 2015 edition) Crimson Empire ~Circumstances to Serve a Noble~ (PSP) – Otome game about an ex-assassin hired to protect a noble from other assassins. I detest Quinrose games because they always feature […]

Ray Gigant – For dungeon-crawler newbies

Or for anyone who likes easy games. If you liked the bland, straightforward, unchallenging dungeons in games like Conception I & II or Mind=Zero, Ray Gigant will be right up your alley. If you’re looking for the tougher, less-forgiving dungeon RPGs that Experience Inc. is known for – especially if you’re just coming off Stranger […]