Got the third best ending in Atelier Viorate

Just a short little post for closure. Especially since I never finished Atelier Judie, it feels pretty good to get at least some closure in the Gramnad series of Atelier games. This so-called “third best ending” I got for Atelier Viorate has Vio and Bart’s parents moving back to Karotte Village after 5 years and […]

Atelier Viorate – Alchemy plus shop simulation, so addictive

Let me get a pet peeve out of the way before I start. This game is called Viorate no Atelier, i.e. Atelier Viorate. VIORATE, not Violet. The main character is called Vi-o-RA-toe. It rhymes with, uh, ‘rat toe’, not ‘separate’ and certainly not ‘violate’. I don’t know where this romanization/anglicization of the name as “Violet” […]

Updates on all the games I’m playing

I haven’t gotten far enough in any one game to write a full post about it. Or maybe I’m just lazy. You figure it out. Bravely Default – Got out of the Miasma Woods and to Florheim (?) with relatively little fuss. I haven’t played any more in a long, long time, but I did […]