Ace Attorney Investigations 2 – Long, gory and depressing

I mentioned that I’d started Ace Attorney Investigations 2 while waiting for a new 3DS charger to arrive. When it did arrive I shunted it aside and went back to Spirit of Justice. Now that I’m done SoJ I thought I’d just clear up the remaining AA game I hadn’t played yet and see the […]

Finished Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice (massive ending spoilers)

I thought of doing a spoiler-free edition of this post just to give my thoughts on the game and then writing a separate post another day featuring the many, many questions I still have left now that the game is done. I though of it, but Spirit of Justice really doesn’t deserve that much attention […]

Spirit of Justice Episode 4 confirmed for WORST case ever (spoilers)

Turnabout Storyteller is so stupid I’m going to spoil it. Wait, no. Wait yes, I’m going to spoil. I want to spoil. I have to spoil to get it off my chest. Whoddunit: it was Geiru Toneido (obviously, srsly). Whatdunnit: A lump of udon dough over the face. Yah rly. Motive: Because he wouldn’t give […]

Was having a great time with Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice when the 3DS suddenly stopped charging

*sigh* The title says it all, doesn’t it? I’m sure you’re all as sick of hearing of my 3DS troubles as I am of writing about it, so I won’t bother elaborating. That handheld is cursed, cursed I tell you. To think it would fail me at such a crucial moment in the third case, […]